Tuesday, March 27, 2018

So, "What Do You Think of the New Omnibus Spending Bill?"

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Last week Congress passed the most immoral spending bill in a long time---perhaps ever.

Late in the day on Friday, some Republican lawmakers were pleading with President Trump to veto it.

He said, "I'm considering a VETO of the Omnibus Spending Bill ...." But in the end---he didn't.

Some of my friends have asked, "So, what do you think of the new omnibus spending bill?"

Government funding was set to run out last Saturday at 12:01 AM. The president threatened to veto the fix, but in the end, did not do so.

The Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal published this after Congress passed the bill, but before the president made his decision regarding a veto.

You will note the sentiments of at least 11 GOP lawmakers who were not happy about it.

I agree. It is the most immoral legislation I have seen---beyond anything I personally expected with the GOP supposedly in control of the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office.

This is why the Bible instructs us not to put our trust in "man," but in God. Men (and women) fail. God does not.

More than one of my friends have asked what I think about it.

I agree with a growing number of pastors and Christian leaders---in many of whom I have a great deal of confidence. They include Pastor Jack Graham, Pastor David Jeremiah, Tony Perkins and others.

They have signed the following statement. I join them:

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Faithful. Be Prayerful.


  1. I'm thinking that this did more against America and the constitution than it did for it. If so, we have been robbed.

  2. While the whole affair is immoral (heaping more debt on future generations) and unlawful (funding things not authorized under the Constitution), I hear many supposed conservatives giving a sort of backhanded defense of the bill on the basis of the need for military funding. However, the US is already spending more on our military than the next eight largest military budgets combined - 36% of the worlds military spending. Perhaps if we declined to be the world's policeman, brought our troops home from anywhere that there is not currently a Congressionally declared war, and followed George Washington's advice about avoiding entangling foreign alliances, we could actually reduce our military spending and at the same time give our troops a raise and our veterans better care.

    As for a wall on the border, much of the illegal immigration problem would dissipate if we simply defunded the many un-Constitutional programs that provide illegals with food, housing, and education.

    As for the Republican Party, well, we're getting pretty much what I expected from a party that has never in my lifetime even pretended to uphold or enforce its own platform. The Republican Party is a con being perpetrated on conservatives and it uses its "conservative platform" to dupe the Christian right into supporting a secular humanist, neo-conservative, crony-capitalist front for the globalist establishment elite.


  3. Until one accepts the fact you cannot use government to fix what it is not suppose to do, one will use government and waste money doing it

    You cannot make government more effective,or efficient by making it more effective,or efficient doing things only you can do.

    You can only make it more effective,and efficient when you make it do less for you.

    Think of the absurdity of idol worship and one will see why we make government do what it cannot

    Until that simple principle is accepted, one will see the spending of the wealth of the nation wasted on fixing what need never have been spent

  4. There is a GIANT ELEPHANT in this room, and it seems that most lawmakers and citizens have been head-faked into moving past it and arguing about the elephants defecations while avoiding the truth about the Elephant!!

    The Elephant is the absence of even a modicum or "RESPONSIBILITY" by the lawmakers we have elected to be responsible, and we the people are not holding them accountable. Their monstrously irresponsible behavior and abuse of power is in truth "criminal".

    The order of business in our Congress, most especially regarding spending bills, has become for the leadership to wait until the very last moment then introduce a bill that no one could possibly read or comprehensively consider prior to the vote. It seems this began in blatant form with the "Affordable Care Act', otherwise known as Obamacare. Thousands of pages of law that the "lawmakers' vote for when they don't know what they are voting for. Pelosi boldly admitted her treachery and sedition when she openly stated, “we have to vote for this so we can see what’s in it”.

    This level of irresponsibility blatantly 'criminal' and they have now made this the "new norm". The result...is that only a very few "lawmakers' along with what is likely a larger number of vested private interest lobbyists, are running out country. The Congress has been reduced to a group of overpaid whiners and pontificators who put on a cheap intentionally dishonest drama for the consumption of the media and the people while essentially providing no meaningful service to the people who have put their ‘trust’ in them. They have embraced the practice of ignoring their responsibilities as well as the Constitution which they pledged "to God and to the People" that they would uphold and defend, and since no one calls 'foul' they continue to shed both responsibility and accountability to a point of absurdity. And we are baited into arguing about the details of their product instead of demanding their resignations and new term limits?.

    All but a few have no right to call themselves U.S. Congressmen or women. We can complain all day long about the "product' of their activities, but the hard cold TRUTH is...they have long since discarded even a modicum of responsible behavior and have embraced corruption, deception, and disloyalty as their daily mode of operation. Sadly, many of them have come to the point where they actually believe their own lies.

    How can we be surprised when the do the opposite of what they promised to do when they wanted our vote, control of the money we earn, and membership in a club where they prosper by doing what they are told by the few in power at the top. Their pretense is that they are 'serving the people' when in truth they are doing the exact opposite.

    Integrity is an endangered species in our Judicial system, and is now nearly extinct in our Congress. Our past several presidents have played the same game. Now we have one President who is blatantly and often rudely honest, and they all hate him and wish to destroy him. Why? … Because he is doing his best to keep his promises to us.

    What is our problem? It's not the product of their activities...it is the producers of that product.

    Truth is a lonely warrior

  5. The Democrats and Phony Fake Republicans like Congress member Jaime H. Beutler of the Washington State 3rd Congressional District are the ones that Voted for this Horrible Omnibus Bill that funded Planned Parenthood and so many other horrible things, as she has continued to do for 6 years she has been in office, we must Vote JHB out of office and replace her with a true trusted Conservative Christian Constitutionalist!!!


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