Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Soros / Ocasio-Cortez: A Party Within A Party

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Earlier this month newly minted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez presented her "Green New Deal."

The far Left seized the opportunity hailing it as "progress"---"Progressivism at its finest."

When asked about it Speaker Nancy Pelosi feigned not knowing exactly what it was, and referred to it as-- "or whatever they call it."

A quick look at who is really behind AOC's "Deal" is sobering. It is a party within Nancy's Party.

Be informed.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (AOC) Green New Deal is being pushed and funded by a coalition of well-funded far-Left progressive groups and well-known leftist agitators.
While many are adopting the "Deal," AOC published the original "Green New Deal" on the Internet for all to see.

Some of conservatism's finest commentators laughed and essentially dismissed it, saying:
"America will never buy into this, it isn't possible---especially in the prescribed '10 years' and it would destroy the infrastructure of our nation...And even Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders don't want to go that far toward socialism."

Think again.

Sen Ed Markey (D-MA) is over 70, a veteran politician and he's all in. In fact, he helped Ocaiso-Cortez introduce the "Deal." It has already been endorsed by more than 45 Democratic representatives, including high profile presidential candidates Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Bernie Sanders.

The far Left New Yorker magazine says the "Deal" is "nothing less than a total overhaul of our national infrastructure." And they like the idea.

You've likely already heard some of the content---it's linked above---but here's a quick glance:

  • 100% of all buildings in the US must convert to clean energy.
  • All greenhouse gasses must be removed from the entire atmosphere.
  • It includes a non-"green" clause as a federal jobs guarantee.
  • It protects the right of all workers to organize and unionize.
  • It pledges affordable, safe and adequate housing for all people of the United States.
  • Free education.
  • It outlines a wealth spreading---socialistic---economic plan that will "virtually eliminate poverty in the US, and will make prosperity, wealth and economic security available to everyone participating in the transformation."

While that may sound like something from Castro, Mudero or Marx himself to you---it's new, exciting and "progressive" to young indoctrinated minds.

Who among the last couple of generations that have been spoon fed anti-American socialism from K through college, would not vote for that?

The movement behind AOC'S New Green Deal is bigger than you think. It isn't just a 20 something-year-old former waitress/bartender's wish list.

The New Yorker says this:

"The document was written over a single December weekend by the staff of the freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three like minded progressive groups, none of which existed two years ago: The Sun Rise Movement, a grassroots climate organization; the Justice Democrats, which recruits and supports progressive candidates; and the upstart policy shop called the New Consensus."

Sunrise co-founder Varshini Prakash says his organization is an "army of young people seeking to make climate change an urgent priority across America this year."

He says: "We, along with our partners, are going to be attempting to build the largest youth political force this country has ever seen."

Prakash was Sen. Markey's invited guest at the recent State of the Union Address.

Sunrise was inspired, in part, by the activism of "Occupy Wall Street," "Black Lives Matter," and the radical immigration group, "United We Dream."

Remember when Ocasio-Cortez held a protest outside Nancy Pelosi's office promoting her "Green New Deal?" Well the other protesters with her were from Sunrise and Justice Democrats.

Inside Philanthropy reports that Sunrise is partially funded by the Rockefeller Family Fund.

Breitbart News has written an in-depth article detailing the vast interconnection between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her "Deal", and nearly every far-Left organization currently active.

Follow the money.

While The Sunrise Movement, New Consensus and Justice Democrats provide the activism for the political agenda, the financial backbone of the Green New Deal and its cooperative web is the Sierra Club and Greenpeace.

The Sierra Club and Greenpeace are strongly funded by "Tides Foundation" which is near fully funded by George Soros' Open Society Foundations.

It was Justice Democrats that originally recruited Ocasio-Cortez to run for office. Waleed Shahid, Justice Democrats' communications director, worked on Ocasio-Cortez's campaign. Justice Democrats were co-founded by Saikart Chakrabarti, who now serves as Ocasio-Cortez's chief of staff.

Justice Democrats are not shy about what they aim to accomplish. They want to push the Democratic Party further toward socialism.

Shahid told VOX that "the vicissitudes of the US party system force people like him to share a party with people like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer who in a European-style proportional system, would simply inhabit different political blocs."

He explains the goal is not to replace or displace the Democratic Party, "but to change them."

And, of course, to change America---or as Barack Obama liked to say---"Remake America."

Personal to my friends on the religious Left,

Many of you voted for Hillary Clinton last election. Some because you could never vote for Trump. Many evangelical leaders say he has done more for the Christian community than any president in history.

In 2020, you will be faced with the decision to either vote for a candidate that has been, to some degree, vetted by these groups, or to vote for President Trump. Or sit out another election.

Do you really believe in the kind of America they are trying to create?

Do you really believe children should be aborted even moments before they are born---or euthanized shortly after?

Do you believe in aborting babies created in the womb in the image and likeness of God? If not how can you vote for people whose mission is to advance abortion, not merely accept it?

Do you believe in the sanctity of life?

Do you really believe we should set aside God's fundamental model for human sustainability---marriage between a man and a woman?

Will the far Left candidates, and ultimately the nominee from this group, take a stand as president for the values and principles you believe in because the Bible teaches?

Be Prayerful. Be Thoughtful. Be Responsible. Be Discerning. Be Faithful.


  1. Look at the power grab they could get from all that, if that ever became law, and destroying the nation financially at the same time. Is this political jihad or something?

  2. Redistribution of wealth all over again. The implied goal is to make all people within America well off middle class, by taking the wealth of the rich and giving it those who never worked for it. Simple math tells me that taking all the money in America, that would include the poor as well as the rich, and dividing it up equally, would allow each of us to eat for about 2 months. Redistribution of wealth in reality would take from current class of rich and powerful, and give to a new class of rich and powerful, namely the "progressive" elites and the poor would still be poor.

  3. green new deal. yes a laughing matter but also a starting point for the democrats. Democrats always seem to tax and spend so if they can't get 100% homes to do this or that, they will tax the homeowner or "penalize" him until he complies, much like Obamacare, tax the rich to give everyone more money or tax credits, removing gas from atmosphere requires money and Dems will tax us for that. These are all just talking points for a way to raise more money when democrats take office. Spokane

  4. The utopian image of a model society where every problem has been "fixed" and all people are 'equal' is very attractive to young minds and hearts. How can anyone say this would not be "good"....the "right" thing to do?

    Enter, a co-opted educational system k-12 that molds young minds into a "collective" grouping of believers that America and Capitalism are "evil" and
    Socialism is the perfect cure; that large corporations and very wealthy people are "evil" and taking their power and wealth away and giving it to "the people" is good; that poverty and poor health for anyone in America is not acceptable and doing whatever is necessary to end them both is essential.
    Then magnify this message in Colleges to force-feed it to students by Leftist Professors who set the example of shunning and even shaming anyone who dares to ask challenging questions or express alternative views.

    When President went "out" to make his speeches during his presidency he went to Colleges....again and again, subtly encouraging all these leftist values while condoning and encouraging political correctness and identity politics.

    The "intended" result is the creation of a massive "collective" of like-thinking activist-minded narcissistic young people who have never seen failure, discipline, or accountability, and who believe they have the ability to "demand" the world change to fit their irrational idealistic viewpoints.

    Enter...Occasional Cortex, a bartender who has been groomed, funded, and placed in a position of power to lead this new idealistic army to victory.

    Who believes that when people too young to vote show up at the polls the pollsters will turn them away? Who knows the true number of "young" voters who have never participated and will now "all" participate in voting because the "collective" shares must prevail?

    It is one thing to try to control an out-of-control spoiled child in the grocery story when he/she knows mom cannot discipline him/her in public for fear of criticism or even censorship by authorities.

    Add 10-20 years of age to that out-of-control child screaming his/her narcissistic demands with impunity to any form of responsibility or discipline, and multiply him/her by millions.

    The purpose of the "New Green Deal" is not found on its face where all rational people recognize it as completely unrealistic. The purpose is to build a new consensus within a multi-million member army of narcissistic irrational persons committed to a Marxist state while sincerely believing it is their only hope to survive the coming destruction of their planet! (A well told and reinforced lie also designed to play the part of generating world-wide fear as a motivator.

    Let us not minimize this threat to civilization and our Democratic Republic as we know it. The focus need to be on this new army of irrational miss-educated "believers" who have been taught they are always winners no matter what they do, they will never fail, and they will be not be held accountable for the consequences off their actions. They have learned they have the power to demand that their elders conform to their wishes. This new army cannot be reasoned with using objectivity and logic because they have been converted to a new religion...and their strength is in their unquestioning "faith"...which cannot be challenged by truth.

    It simply is unable to recognize truth…by design!

    Truth is a lonely warrior..



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