Friday, June 12, 2009

Seattle Businessman Tours State for R-71

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I realize that you will rarely find comments from someone other than Gary Randall on this blog. I am grateful for the chance to share my recent experiences with all those who read the Faith and Freedom blog.

I am a business man in the Seattle area and I can tell you that times have been tough in business recently. However, there is tremendous reason for hope in the state of Washington. Why? Let me tell you.

During the past week I have traveled the state distributing petitions to those who wish to support Referendum 71. The requests have come in like a flood, some asking for several hundred petitions at a time, enthusiastic to get them to friends, family, and their community.

Why do I have hope? My hope stems from what I have seen in these people.

Who are they? They are from all walks of life in our state, from voting age to well over age 80, all economic levels, various ethnic and racial backgrounds, from small communities on the Peninsula to Walla Walla to the biggest cities in the Puget Sound area, they are asking for copies of the petition.

Some voices in our state and the media have characterized these people as hateful, bigoted, bitter people who enjoy taking rights from others. Some would call them "right wing extremists." Those are not the people I have seen this past week. I have met respectful, hard working, courteous, dedicated - in some cases driving hours to get a petition - clear eyed, "salt of the earth" people who believe marriage is truly only between one man and one woman. No one has been bitter, none have been anxious to deny anyone's freedom to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

They are concerned, however. They are concerned that our State legislature could quickly and forcefully pass a law that will affect all families, all children, all employees and employers, without a vote of the people. The people I have met this past week are also firm in their belief, taking action, and strong in their will. So, they are following the democratic process we follow in our state and supporting this referendum.

This is why I have great hope for our state. If we in Washington continue to respectfully, resolutely take action, and don't sit on the sidelines, then our Faith and our Freedom will remain strong. If we sit on the sidelines and assume we cannot win, or believe it is not our place to act, then they are in peril.

After this week, I believe most will chose to have a voice, and choose to let the state legislature know that we deserve a chance to vote on such an important issue.

Many, many people are working hard on this petition drive. My thanks to everyone. The momentum is growing quickly. My thanks also to Gary for this time, and his leadership, and for reminding us of what is truly important in our culture.

Rick Wilson
Secretary, Treasurer
Faith & Freedom