Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Unholy Alliance: Church And State

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It is a story that, unfortunately, defines our times. And will heighten our awareness.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) of Connecticut's website was found last May to contain links to groups promoting a pro-homosexual interpretation of the Bible and religion---including Christianity.

The Family Institute of Connecticut contacted the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), and ACLJ wrote a letter charging that the DCF had violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by promoting one set of religious beliefs over another on its website.

Example. The state sponsored website linked to the Human Rights Campaign website, a pro-homosexual organization, which featured a document called, "For The Bible Told Me So," which presents a revisionist view of the Bible which rejects traditional Judeo-Christian teachings on homosexuality.

The DCF also had links and relationships to Safe Harbor and True Colors, both primarily homosexual advocacy organizations.

True Colors, for example, holds workshops that include topics that present ex-gay ministries as oppressive and illegitimate, "God and gay," which helps reconcile your sexual orientation with your childhood religion---specifically directed at Mormons and evangelicals, and a workshop titled, "LGBTs And The Real Jesus In The New Millennium." This workshop projects onto Jesus what He would probably say, or what they would want Him to say, about health, sexuality, relationships, family and the ability of LBGT to live happy successful lives.

You won't believe how the state responded to this matter and ACLJ's letter.

Within a few weeks the state responded to ACLJ's letter assuring them they would take care of the matter and be sure that they were compliant with the Constitutional requirements.

The DCF removed the names of Safe Harbor and True Colors from their website as well as certain links.

Victory, right?

Not quite. They have now revised the website with new names and links that lead to, you guessed it, the same sources---still using taxpayer money.

Marcia Segelstein has written an in depth article detailing this story, which is still developing. She also gives the links to follow as they relate to her article.

Segelstein was a producer at CBS for 10 years, an Episcopalian for 40 years and now considers herself a "reluctant rebel" against the mainstream media, the Episcopal Church and the decaying culture her children witness every day.

I strongly recommend you read her linked article to better understand the depth of resolve to revise and remake our culture and even Christianity, by homosexual activists and, sadly, an unrestrained government standing by to aide and abet.

Segelstein says, "It's doubtful the state of Connecticut ever had any intention of concerning itself over the charges of unconstitutionality brought by the American Center for Law & Justice on behalf of Family Institute of CT."

So this story continues and so does the continual assault on all that is good.


Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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