Thursday, October 13, 2011

White House New Statement on Abortion

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Congress is scheduled to finally begin debate on H.R. 358 today.

The bill will amend the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," better known as "Obamacare."

It seeks to modify and clarify rules related to coverage of abortion services under "The Act."

Although the President has repeatedly told us "The Act" will not allow federally funded abortions and issued an executive order stating that no taxpayer money would pay for abortions when "Obamacare" was up for vote, why did the White House release a statement yesterday promising that if the bill passes, the President will veto it?

This bill codifies the President's words in his executive order.

Why does he so strongly oppose the amendment when 6 Democrats and 139 Republicans are co-sponsoring it?

In short, we know that Obamacare is wrought with loopholes that favor Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. These loopholes have been widely reported and exposed by LIFE NEWS and other conservative media.

The pro-abortion folks from AOL and their Huff Post to the Daily Kos to Moveon.org are pushing the message that, "The GOP has declared war on a women's right to reproductive freedom, and it's ugly." The Daily KOS calls it, "The new 'Let Women Die' bill."

That is simply not true.

The bill in no way leaves women in need of medical attention to die in emergency rooms for lack of treatment.

Healthcare facilities and providers must and will treat patients. If a pregnant mother enters an emergency room, both mother and child will be treated separately and equally. In fact, this bill does not address the exceptions of rape, incest or the endangerment of a mother's life---which are often misused as exceptions so requests for abortion can be accommodated.

So why the full course press by the pro-abortion people and resolve to veto by the President? If this bill only affirms the President's executive order, why is it so dangerous?

Two reasons. No three.

First, it establishes a process for investigation of reported violations in regard to federally funded abortions. Think Planned Parenthood.

Second, it provides further protection for health worker's right to conscience regarding pro-life beliefs and abortion services.

And three. Many feel the President doesn't always tell the truth. They feel the executive order insuring no federal funds for abortions that he issued to bag a couple of necessary Democratic votes to ram through "Obamacare," may have been a sham.

Could that be true?

Would you take a moment today and call or email your Congress person and tell them you strongly support H.R. 358? You can contact your Congressional representative through our website.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active.

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