Thursday, July 05, 2012

Now There's A Bill To Redefine Parenthood

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The rush to redefine the culture continues.

First redefine marriage, then redefine the family.

While Sen. Ed Murray and others have said it wasn't about marriage, each time he pushed through incremental legislation, he has been celebrated recently by the Governor, the press, progressives and the religious left for his courage in passing the law that redefines marriage in Washington state.

But is the" marriage" campaign only about marriage?

Apparently not.

Now there's a bill to redefine parenthood.

Multiple legal parents.

California State Senator Mark Leno is pushing legislation in his state to allow a child to have multiple parents.

The multiple parent scheme is being put forward under the guise of helping children and displaced parents and saving the government money.

And Leno's bill is being taken seriously. It has passed the Senate and is now before the Assembly.

Those pushing the legislation are ticking off a number of problems that "multiple parents" will solve.

They say it will enhance the child's prospects for financial support, health insurance and Social Security benefits and "will help the state" by limiting the state's financial responsibility.

They also say it will give a judge more "flexibility" and help children be kept out of foster home situations.

But what's really behind this move to redefine parenthood?

State Senator Mark Leno, the bill's sponsor, is Chairman of the State Budget Committee. He is also a homosexual activist.

Sound familiar?

Leno says, "The bill brings California into the 21st Century, recognizing that there are more than Ozzie and Harriet families today."

There is a campaign that many homosexual advocates embrace, although many deny they do so, because the public "is not ready for all of it yet". "Beyond Marriage" is a document that clearly outlines that so-called "marriage equality" is really about completely redefining not only marriage, but the family structure and the culture, as well.

Here's what energized this specific bill. Read the following very carefully. Is this the kind of behavior that is driving our culture and our laws?

The Sacramento Bee reports, "SB 1476 stemmed from an appellate Court case last year involving a child's biological mother, her same sex partner, and a man who had an affair with the biological mother and impregnated her while she was separated temporarily from her female lover."

Six volumes of "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" are on the fourth shelf in my personal library. I'm looking at the volumes as I write this. I'm also looking at the Bible on my desk. I know what both say about this kind of behavior, and the destiny of a country that affirms it.

This plays out on different stages, but the script is always the same. Laws affirming and celebrating immoral behavior are enacted. Then more laws are enacted to solve the problems created by the former laws. And a downward spiral begins that ends in the dust bin of history.

If Washington State votes to uphold Senator Ed Murray's bill that redefines marriage, I promise you it will only be months before more and different laws will be introduced to further undermine the proven traditional, biblical model of family, parenthood and God only knows what else. And they will be passed to help the children, support the "parents" and reduce the costs to the state. And it will be discussed in the legislature with a straight face as though they bear no blame for the problems they are "solving."

Much has been written about what is beyond marriage in the homosexual agenda.

This is one of a number of action items of the "Beyond Marriage" agenda and it is an entree to multiple partner marriages, group marriages, etc.

Seattle's own Dan Savage has a great deal of influence. Look at me and tell me he would not support this kind of legislation. Tell me Sen. Ed Murray and Rep. Jamie Pederson would not sponsor this kind of legislation "for the children." And for the state budget. And the Cheryl Pflugs of the legislature would carry their water.

The Bee quotes a lesbian who supports the bill. "I just think that people should be able to create their own lives," she says.

But at what cost to the culture? Creating one's own life is very different than reordering a society. I suspect she wants parenthood redefined at any cost, with a mere disclaimer of "how will this affect your role in your personal family."

The battle to redefine morality, marriage, parenthood, family and everything else that has been the glue of every successful society for more than 5000 years is raging.

The temptation of our time is to not care, or at least to pretend to not care. To be tolerant. To be inclusive. To be fair. To suspend judgement, to rationalize and reconstruct truth to fit the relativism of our day. To redefine biblical truth and marginalize biblical teaching that we disagree with. And call ourselves a Christian.

This is a flight from reality. And a flight from God and His Truth.

In our hearts we know this is all wrong.

Gov. Gregoire knew it was wrong, admitted she was conflicted about it, then turned away from the teachings of her church and the dictates of her conscience, and supported redefining marriage.

Once in a while in the course of human events, we know something is so wrong, we simply have to take a stand. Regardless of the cost.

This is that time.

May God give you strength to do what you know is right, and stand in defense of marriage.

A time of personal testing is just ahead. We have not yet seen the full force of those who seek to not only redefine marriage, but an entire culture. Stand strong.

God help us.