Monday, July 09, 2012

Planned Parenthood Hosts High School Sex-Ed Party In Seattle

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The annual Seattle event, held this past weekend, is so important to Planned Parenthood that PP president, Cecile Richards, made the trip out to be a part of it.

The party is held annually in Seattle for "Planned Parenthood's Teen Council". The students who are involved in the council are called "the condom ladies."

Richards and Planned Parenthood say the event and it' ongoing program is to "provide young people with information."

But what information is being provided?

A cursory review with the help of hidden cameras of the "information" being provided by Planned Parenthood should cause every parent, grandparent and taxpayer great concern.

Not to worry, the Seattle Times says the goal of the program is to remove the stigma of sex education. "In fact," they report, "the kids were wearing tank tops that said, 'I love sex-ed.'"

I love sex-ed?

The graduates of the Teen Council are being trained to reach out to their peers.

But why?

To have a conversation with those who do not love sex-ed and don't really want to talk about all the various kinds of sex, sex partners and where to sneak off to when you get pregnant. Or to simply refute what kids are being taught in the home and in their church.


This is a peer program used to extend what is being taught in the public classroom during the school year.

Let's get real. Planned Parenthood's history affirms that they are ideologically driven and abortion is the engine. And the government provides a substantial amount of the funding.

It was launched by eugenicist Margaret Sanger. And is being carried forward by those who have followed her in the mission.

Even the reporting of the story by the Times, which certainly was intended to be favorable, shows an emphasis not on kids "health issues" but rather on recruiting kids to carry the ideology forward.

Richards decried the ongoing opposition to Planned Parenthood, confessed she could not understand why people don't like their program, and said the opposition is serving as a "wake-up" call to other kids to carry the banner.

She said, "We've seen a record number of young women and young men who've become active with Planned Parenthood as activists."

Lets get real again. Support for Planned Parenthood and their signature procedure of abortion on demand is falling out of favor with the American public. Planned Parenthood is in decline. People, particularly kids, are learning when they look at ultrasound pictures that the "bump" is not a "fetal mass," it is a baby. And abortion is killing the baby. And Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country.

McCall Hollie, 17, a graduate of The Overlake School in Redmond, praised the Teen Council and testified of her conversion. The Times reported, "She used to ask her mother to turn down National Public Radio, but now she's volunteering for President Obama's re-election campaign."

A significant transformation. But I thought all this was about sex-ed.

Richards said Teen Council involves kids in about 200 hours of "service" per year.

What kind of service?

Richards says the Teen Council does "phone banks, lobbying and fund raisers for Planned Parenthood causes."

Richards told the Seattle Times this program is "ground breaking."

Indeed it is.

May God deliver us from this face of evil.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.