Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hillary's Dream: 730,000 "Dreamers" Will Help Her Win

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Hillary is enlisting undocumented "Dreamers"---those brought to this country illegally when they were children---into a new voter registration drive aimed at signing up sympathetic voters while warning them that Trump might deport them too.

The 730,000 can't legally vote, but Hillary thinks they can community organize the Latinos and convince them to vote for her.

The new campaign is called, "Mi Sueto, Tu Voto" or "My Dream, Your Vote."

The effort is based more on fear and a half truth, than on having a dream.

Welcome to our new readers. In the past three months the readership of this daily column has increased by close to 20,000. Thank you, even if you don't always agree. We're honored.

Fox News says, "Organizers will remind voters that a Trump presidency would end the Dreamer program.

However, the program is already at risk due to a June Supreme Court decision that effectively killed Obama's ultimate plan of amnesty.

The effects of this ruling will have nothing to do with a "president" Hillary---but why muddy the water with facts?

According to government data, there are 27.3 million Latinos eligible to vote this election.

Hillary plans to focus this Dream Team specifically on Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Utah and Idaho, the states that have the highest population percentage of people eligible for Deportation relief, as follows: Nevada-about 4%, Texas-about 3%, Arizona-about 2.5%, Utah-about 2% and Idaho-about 2%.

However, the focus of the program will include Florida, North Carolina and other states as well.

On Monday, the Democratic National Committee celebrated the "Dreamers" program's 4th anniversary, and announced that Hillary Clinton will go further than Obama as president.

They said, "Hillary Clinton is committed to introducing immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship within her first 100 days in office and she will continue defending DACA (the Dreamers program) and DAPA from partisan attacks."

While the far Left progressives are enlisting 730,000 undocumented---illegal aliens to help the progressives win an American election, George Barna released a survey a few weeks ago that reveals that the 60 to 90 million evangelicals in America seem to have no dream at all, regarding the upcoming election.

In great part because Christian pastors, including evangelical ones, apparently plan to sit out this election.

I wrote about Barna's survey when it was released a few weeks ago.

It bears repeating.

The highly respected Barna has been polling and taking surveys for a long time, but says his results regarding this coming election were "nothing less than astounding."

Barna says, "This is clearly a time when Christian and conservative voters need their spiritual leaders to help them make sense of what is happening and how to respond biblically to the chaos and uncertainty."

He found, "There is not a single activity in which a greater number of conservative pastors planned to engage during this major election year as compared to their levels of participation during the last mid-term election."

Each pastor was asked about eight specific courses of action they could take in the remaining few months before the election. Pastors were asked if they had done each of these activities during the 2014 mid-term election cycle and which, if any, of those activities they planned to engage in during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Barna says, "The bottom line result is that there was not a single activity in which a greater number of conservative pastors planned to engage during the election year as compared to their levels of participation during the last mid-term election."

One example: Only about 2 out of 10 (21%) conservative churches had a voter registration opportunity in their church in 2014, yet barely half as many conservative churches (12%) plan a voter registration this year.

I am aware that a number of pastors read this daily column and generally agree with us. I'm honored.

I also know there are pastors who read this column and do not agree. Again I am honored you read it, as well.

Asked why he believes this is happening, Barna pointed back to comments made by evangelist Franklin Graham at the New York event, prior to Mr. Trump’s appearance on stage.
“It seems that many pastors do not want to be judged for supporting a candidate who is morally imperfect. But the truth is that none of us – these pastors included – are morally perfect, which is why we need Jesus to save us. Both of the major party candidates this year are flawed, but all candidates have always been morally flawed – they’re human! In the meantime we need to work together to elect leaders who will allow the Church to follow Christ with as much freedom and as little government interference as possible. Pastors should not ask congregants to place their full and eternal trust in a political candidate, but rather to choose the best person for the job since someone is going to be elected whether we participate in the process or not. How can conservative pastors justify sitting out the election when so much is at stake for the Church itself? And please notice that theologically liberal churches are much more engaged in the electoral process.”
Barna also pointed out that this year’s election is, in some ways, the easiest in recent memory for churches to engage in. “The policy differences between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton on social, moral, and religious issues are more distinct this year than at any time since the Reagan-Carter election in 1980. The fact that conservative pastors choose to not get involved, while also refusing to preach about the biblical foundations for thinking about the major issues, suggests that perhaps our church leaders do not know what they and the Bible believe on these matters. Why else would they not exploit the opportunity to use the election as a reason to engage, instruct, and challenge God’s people on His truth?”

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