Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Spirit of Thanksgiving

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President Ronald Reagan had this to say about Thanksgiving;

"In this spirit, Thanksgiving has become a day when Americans extend a helping hand to the less fortunate. Long before there was a government welfare program, this spirit of voluntary giving was ingrained in the American character. Americans have always understood that, truly, one must give in order to receive. This should be a day of giving as well as a day of thanks."

Stephanie Wilson, committed Christian, Seattle native, author, former network affiliate TV news journalist and producer, wrote an article on her website this morning.

It captures that "spirit" Reagan spoke about.

I also want to make you aware of one of her books---Home For Christmas. I along with thousands of others have read it. It's a great read with a storyline set in Seattle. I highly recommend it.


“What if today...
we were grateful for everything?”

~ Charlie Brown

While it seems that Thanksgiving is a holiday somewhat obscured between Halloween and Christmas... it's an occasion more important today than ever before. 
Some big box stores agree and are closing their doors in honor of the holiday. Stores like... 
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Happy Thanksgiving.

Be Blessed....and be a blessing.