Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day--The Protest, The Perversion, The Prayer And The Anointing

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America's 45th President will be inaugurated today. It is America's 57th presidential inauguration.

Thousands of protesters have descended on Washington DC, some promising to disrupt the proceedings at any cost, some far Left elected officials are boycotting the ceremony, Hollywood is threatening those entertainers who perform and homosexuals have held a wild dance on the lawn of Vice President-elect Mike Pence's temporary home in DC.

Many say today's occasion marks the most hostile inauguration in our history, however, scholars at Colonial Williamsburg say history says it isn't.

Although biased, news reports reveal the deep and profound difference in beliefs in America 2017.

What is not being reported is a special prayer and anointing service held by a few Christian leaders.

On his last few days in office, President Obama commuted the life sentences of hundreds of criminals, including a family drug smuggling cartel who will likely return to their home on the border in Rome, Texas, and continue running drugs to their distribution center of Chicago as they were doing prior to their arrest.

On their last day before becoming President and Vice President, Donald Trump and Mike Pence laid a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery---honoring those who have given their life in service to our country.

This will be the 57th Inauguration in American history. Many believe it is the most protested and divisive inauguration ever.

American history scholars at Colonial Williamsburg say that's not necessarily so.

The Virginia Gazette published an interesting and informative article yesterday, quoting the scholars as they describe the pomp and circumstance of when George Washington arrived at the hall in New York for his inauguration. Washington didn't give a speech, and according to the historians, "Got right down to business."

Jefferson's inauguration was the first held in Washington DC, where today's is taking place.

Jefferson's inauguration on March 4, 1801, was less celebratory than Washington's. While he did have the Marine Band, and some people gathered on the streets, Jefferson walked two blocks to the Capitol, took the oath, and gave a short inaugural speech, then walked back to the boarding house where he was staying.

His short speech focused on 2 things: congressional support and healing the widening divide in our country.

His first election had resulted in a tie with Aaron Burr, leaving the incumbent John Adams out of the running entirely.

The only reason Jefferson won was because he was seen as less dangerous to the Federalists.

In regard to healing the nation, Jefferson said he must "Remind us all that as an American...a difference of opinion ought not to be a difference of principle."

Alexander Hamilton and Jefferson were the leaders of opposing political parties during Washington's first term---both urged Washington to run for a second term, because "political parties are threatening to destroy the nation'---and they were the leaders of the two political parties.

America first. Personal ambitions second.

Today, 2017, historians say is not the first time America has been deeply divided at inauguration time.

They say, "Abraham Lincoln was elected as the country was on the brink of war. In James Madison's day, Senators used to brawl in the Capitol building...things have been far worse than today," they assure us.

But today, it is more than a "difference of opinion"---it is a profound difference of worldviews.

The difference transcends political ideology, even shaping how we characterize our beloved country.

The Founders vision of America defined it as "A city on a hill," and these beliefs were infused into our institutions, as Senator Daniel Webster would explain a generation after our nation's birth.

Secular progressivism seeks to diminish and marginalize the greatness and exceptionalism of our country, because it seeks to marginalize and diminish the Judeo Christian values and principles upon which our country was founded, and our founding documents were drafted.

President Obama has described middle America as people "clinging to their guns and Bibles," while Hillary told the Woman of the World Conference that "certain religious beliefs and codes must be changed" in regard to abortion.

Both have assaulted traditional marriage and the sanctity of life. Both celebrate perversion.

And in the election of 2016, those who are clinging to their Bibles and beliefs, and some who know they should be, voted against this secular progressive worldview.

And those who hold that worldview are now unable and unwilling to come to grips with reality. They lost the election.

Yesterday, educators in public schools were telling their kids to walk out of class during today's inauguration if it is played in the classroom, while Democrat elected officials last night told Fox News they will never try to work with Trump-Pence, because "everything I've fought for, everything I believe in is at stake under Trump."

Education is showing no tolerance toward kids who may in fact support Trump-Pence. And for Left ideologues in Congress have no regard for the country they claim to serve.

USA Today reported this week that homosexual activists held a dance party in front of the house that Mike and Mrs. Pence have been living in the DC area. Pence wasn't at home at the time, he was out to dinner with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, however, the activists promised they were not going to go away once the inauguration was over.

"They're going to hear from us long after tonight," they promised the press. This, because Mike Pence believes in traditional, biblical marriage. And says so out loud.

Only God knows what all will transpire during the course of this day in the capitol of the most powerful nation on earth.

One thing for certain has already happened---and it isn't being reported much. But you should know.

A group of Christian leaders met this week and prayed a doorway, anointing it with oil---the last door Donald Trump and Mike Pence will walk through before being sworn in to office. Asking God to lead and guide them as they lead this country.

Asked if "anointing a doorway with oil was not a little unusual," Rev. Schenck said, "Not at all. Anointing with oil is a rich tradition both in the Bible and in the history of the United States Capitol. Oil symbolizes consecration, or setting something apart for God's use. George Washington used oil during the dedication of this US Capitol."

In fact he did. While laying the cornerstone of our Capitol, Washington himself used oil in the dedication. Secularists have long claimed that Washington's act was merely a ritual related to the Masons.

I don't know what George Washington was thinking when he laid the cornerstone of our Capitol, but his words as President of the United States assures us beyond doubt that he knew the necessity of God's blessing if this nation would survive.

George Washington, and all who followed him, took the oath of office as required by our Constitution.

The US Constitution says:

US Constitution, Article II, Section 1 
Before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

With that brief oath, Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States.

As you see Trump and Pence walk out through the arched door onto the stage, the last door they walk through before taking the oath and becoming the two most powerful men in the world---they have just passed through a threshold of prayer and anointing.

Be Blessed. Be Hopeful. Be Prayerful.