Friday, February 03, 2017

Pres. Trump Shares His Heart at Nat. Prayer Breakfast

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Speaking to more than 3000 in attendance at yesterday's National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC, the president shared 5 words that he says have really touched his heart during the past year and a half.

He said, "We must never stop asking God for wisdom to serve the public according to His will."

"And," he said, "money doesn't buy happiness"---"faith in God brings happiness."

The annual National Prayer Breakfast began during the Eisenhower administration and has continued as a time to focus on God's role in our personal lives and the life of our nation.

While the president referenced the challenges our country faces today---asking for prayer as those challenges are addressed---the focus of his remarks was fixed on spiritual and inspirational matters.

President Trump revealed that through all the ups and downs and personal struggles of his campaign, there were 5 words that gave him solace and comfort.

"Most importantly today," he said, "I want to thank the American people. Your faith and prayers have sustained me and inspired me through some very, very tough times."

He continued, "All round America, I have met amazing people whose words of worship and encouragement have been a constant source of strength. What I hear most often as I travel the country are five words that never fail to touch my heart. That's 'I'm praying for you.' I hear it so often, 'I'm praying for you, Mr. President'."

The president said:

America will flourish as long as our liberty, in particular our religious liberty, is allowed to flourish. America will succeed as long as our most vulnerable citizens have a path to success and America will thrive as long as we continue to have faith in each other and faith in God.
That faith in God has inspired men and women to sacrifice to the needy, to deploy to wars overseas and to lock arms at home to ensure equal rights for every man, woman and child in our land.
It is that faith that sent the Pilgrims across the oceans, the pioneers across the plains and the young people all across America to chase their dreams. They are chasing their dreams. We are going to bring those dreams back.

Then he became very inspirational:

America will thrive as long as we can have faith in each other and faith in God. As long as we have God, we are never ever alone--whether it is the soldier on night watch or the single parent on the night shift...God will always give us solace and strength and comfort we need to carry on and keep carrying on.
For us here in Washington, we must never ever stop asking God for wisdom to serve the public according to His will.

And then he got personal...

In towns all across the land, it is plain to see what we easily forget, so easily forget that the quality of our lives is not defined by our material success but by our spiritual success...
I was raised in a churched home; my mother and father taught me that to whom much is given, much is expected.
I was sworn in on the very Bible from which my mother would teach us as young children. And that faith lives on in my heart every single day.
We are not just flesh and blood and bone---we are human beings with souls. Our Republic was formed on the basis that freedom is not a gift from government---but that freedom is a gift from God.

The president said, "Freedom of religion is a scared right, but also a right under threat all around us. I've never seen it so much and so openly as since I took this position of president. The world is in trouble, but we're going to straighten it out."

On Wednesday, president Trump quietly, without announcement or fanfare, visited Dover Air Force Base to meet the remains of a US service member killed during a special forces raid in Yemen. He praised American soldiers who he said truly embody the words of John 15:13--"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down his life for one's friends."

He said, "God has blessed this land to give us such incredible heroes."

At the Prayer Breakfast, the president also repeated a promise he made during the campaign.

He said he will "get rid of and totally destroy" the Johnson Amendment---a law proposed by Lyndon B. Johnson and passed in 1954 by a simple voice vote that prohibits churches and other tax-exempt organizations from lobbying elected officials, campaigning on behalf of a political party and supporting or opposing candidates for office.

Those whom I've spoken to felt the president's tone was contrite toward the Lord and toward spiritual matters.

They feel he expressed a sincere dependence upon God for wisdom, strength, and guidance.

However, NBC sat through the Prayer Breakfast, walked out and published this lead: "President Donald Trump flexed America's global dominance Thursday during his first National Prayer Breakfast speech, telling faith leaders that "the world is in trouble, but we're going to straighten it out."

"And," NBC says, "Trump's speech took on a starker tone than Barack Obama who said that faith can be a cure for playing on people's fears."

Two takeaways.
  1. Those with an open heart and mind were deeply encouraged by the emphasis the president attached to seeking God's wisdom, guidance, strength, and blessing.
  2. Those with a closed mind and heart saw and heard him "flexing America's global dominance" rather than apologizing for America's shortcomings, and telling people that faith can be a cure for playing on people's fears."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.