Monday, October 08, 2018

Kavanaugh Confirmed--Why the Rage Continues

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed Saturday by the Senate 50-48.

The roll call vote marked the closest successful Supreme Court confirmation vote in 100 years. Closer than the vote on Clarence Thomas.

The Left continues to rage---blocking streets, shouting down people with whom they disagree and making serious threats toward conservatives---Very serious threats.

Some thoughts on why the Left rages and will continue to do so.

Judge Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court justice late Saturday, just hours after the Senate voted to confirm him to the nation's highest court.

He was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts in a private ceremony accompanied by his wife and children.

The ceremonial swearing-in will happen tonight at the White House.

Justice Kavanaugh will begin hearing cases before the Court on Tuesday.

Democratic Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement Saturday, "The American people are raising their voices to a deafening roar today. We will not stop marching, we will not stop fighting, we will vote on Election Day for leaders who share our values."

Well, it's not exactly "the American people" who are raising their voices to the deafening roar---it's the secular progressive Left---not the entire country.

The roar of tens of millions of Americans is that of celebration---not anger in the name of dissent.

Christians and conservatives express themselves differently than the Left does.

Screaming, marching and fighting.

During the roll call vote, several observers in the gallery of the Senate began screaming, trying to disrupt the voting. Vice President Pence repeatedly called on the Sergeant of Arms to "restore order." If you were watching, you likely heard the wailing screams from the back of the chamber.

I say this carefully, but after a lifetime of Christian ministry as a pastor, youth pastor and for a number of years missionary evangelism and church planting in some of the darkest corners of the earth---what I heard in the gallery of the Senate on Saturday reminded me of the wailing sounds of demon-possessed people I have witnessed in those dark corners.

Outside the Supreme Court building, hundreds of youth were chanting and screaming,

No doubt in my mind Perez will do everything humanly possible to keep his "roar" going, because that's all they've got.

The leftist march through our institutions will intensify.

Google's lead designer David Houge tweeted Saturday, following the vote to confirm:
"You are finished GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins." This was followed by a series of words we would not publish here, then he said, "I hope the last images burned into your slimy evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames."

Apparently, he believes some Scripture regarding a literal "Hell."

Senator Mazzie Hirono (D-HI) told ABC's "This Week" yesterday, "Democrats would not rule out seeking to impeach Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh."

The New York Times confirmed her claim in a story published yesterday, quoting Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), "House Democrats will open an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct and perjury against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh if we win control of the House in November."

Robert Post, the former dean of Yale Law School, said in an op-ed published Saturday in POLITICO that Kavanaugh's defense of himself "has stoked the fires of partisan rage and male entitlement"...saying Kavanaugh's presence on the Court will "undermine the [Supreme Court's] claim to legitimacy."

He wrote, "There will be hell to pay"....and "This is an American tragedy."

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder was essentially telling the press the same thing yesterday--with Kavanaugh, the Court is no longer legitimate.

And Obama appointees to the Supreme Court were lamenting that there will now be no center or swing position on the Court.

Why the left rages.

The rage toward Kavanaugh is growing following the confirmation vote--- but it isn't really about Kavanaugh.

Today, we watch leftist mobs scream profanities at professors and deans, while professors scream at conservative adults in the communities. Left-wing protesters routinely block streets, highways, and bridges interrupting the lives of normal people who actually go to work, etc., and they do so because they can---and they're angry.

They surround the front of the homes of conservative elected officials and political leaders, making threats toward them and their family. They drive them from restaurants and stores---now even confronting them in elevators inside the U.S. Capitol.

The parents of the kids screaming in our streets and campuses and businesses today were screaming in our streets and campuses and businesses during the Vietnam War.

Conservatives don't do these things. They don't close highways, break windows and yell or publish obscenities toward the Left.

Why does the Left feel so entitled? And act so desperate all the time?

Dennis Prager wrote an article a few days ago that speaks to the issue.

He said:

Today, we watch leftist mobs scream profanities at professors and deans, and shut down conservative and pro-Israel speakers at colleges.
Conservatives don’t do these things. They don’t close highways, yell obscenities at left-wing politicians, work to ban left-wing speakers at colleges, smash the windows of businesses, etc.
Why do leftists feel entitled do all these things? Because they have thoroughly rejected middle-class, bourgeois, and Judeo-Christian religious values.
Leftists are the only source of their values. Leftists not only believe they know what is right—conservatives, too, believe they are right—but they also believe they are morally superior to all others. Leftists are Ubermenschen—people on such a high moral plane that they do not consider themselves bound by the normal conventions of civics and decency. Leftists don’t need such guidelines; only the non-left—the “deplorables”—need them.

Ubermenschen; The belief in a superior man of the future who can rise above the conventional morality to create and impose his own values.

The angry, atheist Nietzsche developed this idea in his godless writings as something for young atheists to aspire to now that "God is Dead."

From the 1960s we have seen the foundations of morality broken and destroyed in our institutions---particularly institutions of higher learning.

Last year, University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax wrote a column for the Philadelphia Inquirer in defense of Judeo- Christian values, which she characterized as "middle-class values."

She cited a list of behavioral norms that were almost universally accepted in the 1960s---which included, "Get married before you have children, strive to stay married for the sake of the children, seek gainful employment, go the extra mile for your employer, be patriotic, serve your country in some way, avoid coarse language in public and respect authority."

She later said, "The fact that these norms embodied has broken down since the 1960s largely explains today's pathologies ---and re-embracing that culture would go along way toward addressing those pathologies."

Nearly half her fellow professors---33 of them---condemned her for what she wrote in an open letter.

Professor Wax says her law school dean asked her to take a year's leave of absence for saying such things, and the National Lawyers Guild has condemned her for espousing such values.

It isn't just about Kavanaugh.

You recall the attack on Vice President Pence because of his deeply held Christian, biblical beliefs? He was openly mocked on ABC's "The View", late-night television and even in the so-called news media.

Hollywood celebrities were claiming Pence would be "worse than Trump" because he would seek to impose his values on our country.

You can understand why the Left hates a man like Pence---and everyone else who refuses to join the secular, humanistic march.

Judeo-Christian values is the heart of the ethics and values that "Ubermenschen" seeks to destroy.

For the moment, thank God for the victory. But be prepared to continue to stand strong in the faith.

The "Ubermensch" will continue to scream and rage its way through the coming days and weeks and years.

Take this thought with you today; "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world."

Be Faithful. Be Informed. Be Strong. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.