Monday, November 25, 2019

Tim Eyman For WA State Governor?

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Tim Eyman is known for getting attention. And getting state-wide initiatives passed.

He certainly got attention Friday when he announced he is running against Gov. Jay Inslee in the 2020 election.

A shock wave rippled across Seattle following his announcement---the rest of the state smiled, whether or not they will vote for him for Governor.

And where he made his announcement...Oh, my.

Be informed.

His announcement came following the landmark win (53%) of his statewide Initiative-976 that reduces car license tabs to $30---costing the state $1,922,643,101 over the next 6 years, and costing local governments up to $2,317,121,034.

A little background.

Eyman sponsored I-976 on the recent ballot, which was designed to reduce out of control fees on car license tab fees to a flat fee of $30.

Seattle expected to handle it and defeat it with the city's numbers of voters---as is usually the case in most statewide or national elections.

It didn't happen. The state said "no" to Seattle passing the Initiative with a 53% vote.

Tim Eyman has been a fixture in Washington State politics for more than 2 decades, sponsoring and passing a number of initiatives---all written to rein in government spending---thus becoming known as an "anti-tax" activist.

Over the years---I've known Tim for 15 or so years---he has used various stunts to get media attention and to get his message out. He has become a major thorn in the side to the political far Left that controls Seattle.

Many of his initiatives have passed only to be knocked down by the far Left forces of Seattle and the close-in Puget Sound political "crescent," as it is called.

Immediately following the passage of I-976, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced that the city is filing a lawsuit to block the initiative, which would reverse the vote of the people. Gov. Jay Inslee immediately announced he will support the lawsuit and help Seattle fill in the gaps, caused by the passage of the initiative, with state funds.

In her announcement, KIRO Radio reports that she said, "We're doing this lawsuit because we want to uphold the will of the Seattle voters."

In a rare departure from his BFF far left cohorts in the state, Attorney General Bob Ferguson told the press he will defend the passage of the Initiative---which he is required to do as State A/G.

I wonder if he will "defend" the will of the people, with whom he disagrees, as vigorously as he has prosecuted Barronnell Stutzman, the florist in Richland, and other Christians who have declined to use their talents to celebrate so-called "same-sex marriage?" We'll see.

The announcement.

Tim made his announcement at the Sound Transit board meeting this past Thursday.

He began his remarks to the Transit board---who will experience a significant loss of money--- by defending and explaining the initiative telling them, "You lost."

He then began to announce that he was running for Governor against Gov. Inslee who, having abandoned his presidential ambitions, will be seeking a 3rd term as governor.

Eyman said before his mic was turned off,
"I'm running for governor in 2020. I think people are just sick and tired of Seattle making every decision when it comes to public policy. We have a Seattle Sound Transit board, a Seattle-run legislature, a Seattle-run governor, decisions all being made out of Seattle."

The Seattle PI reported that Eyman posted on Facebook that "current Governor Jay Inslee runs a Seattle-centric administration."

In a later updated version of their story, The Seattle Times noted that Eyman had also posted on social that "I want to be Governor for everyone who's sick and tired of this crap."

The Times also noted that Eyman has had several personal legal challenges...And that a "handful of Republicans" have also announced their bid for Governor---including Sen. Phil Fortunato, of Auburn; Loren Culp, police chief of the town of Republic; and Joshua Freed, a real-estate developer and former mayor of Bothell.

You may recall that in September, former Republican US Representative announced he would not challenge Inslee.

Eyman also wrote on Facebook: "I'm so sick of Seattle making all [the] decisions."

The takeaway.

Will Eyman actually file and run for Governor? Who knows? KIRO TV says they were skeptical at first, but are now convinced he's serious about it. Eyman said Friday he plans to file Monday. That's today.

More and more, especially on the Northeast coast, and the West coast, the large US cities are becoming more far Left.

In cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and LA on the west coast, the population is growing significantly and is so far Left that these cities control statewide and national elections by their sheer numbers and far-Left ideologies.

Cities on the East coast, particularly on the North East coast, are similar with similar influence and results.

This is why our Founding Fathers instituted the Electoral College in electing the President of the United States. Without the "College," a few states---actually a few major cities within those states, would determine every presidential election.

Christians and Conservatives in states like Washington, Oregon, California, and others are fed up with it.

There is an on-going effort in Washington State to divide the state (east and west) into 2 separate states---a far-Left western state and a more conservative eastern state.

This is happening in other states as well.

This issue in Washington State is a clear example of a deeply divided state.

As mentioned, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says she is suing the rest of the people in the state, because "we want to uphold the will of the Seattle voters."

Eyman and the other Republican candidates are asking,
"What about all of the people outside Seattle that ended up overwhelmingly voting for this initiative?"

From the presidency of the United States to the governor of Washington State, to state-wide and local elections across this great country; the 2020 election will be a watershed election on many levels.

Every Christian must vote.

Consider this from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

Christians have a sacred duty to vote, and when we vote, to vote our convictions, our beliefs and our values. The Apostle Paul instructs us in Romans 13 that God ordained government to punish those who do evil and to reward those who do that which is right.
Indeed, government (the civil magistrate) is one of only three divinely ordained institutions in Holy Scripture, along with the family and the church.
The New Testament also tells us that “for conscience sake” we are to be good, law-abiding citizens and supporters of the civil magistrate (Romans 13:6-7).
That apostolic commandment means more than just paying your taxes and not breaking the law. God created government to be a force for good and a restraint on evil in society. Jesus commanded Christians to be “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:13-16). And government is a part of that world.
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus commands Christians to go forth and be a preservative and disinfectant (salt) and to be the light that illuminates the darkness and dispels the gloom. They are to do it “before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). Jesus’ commandment is an all-encompassing one and includes evangelism, missions, discipleship and helping to influence the divinely ordained magistrate in an always more moral and just direction.
Jesus’ commandment to be salt and light did not leave open the option for Christians to refuse to be involved with “worldly concerns” and go into a spiritual holding pattern until it is time to be raptured or go home to Heaven. Christians can and have made a real difference in America.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful, Be Active.