Monday, September 14, 2020

Hatred That's Deeper Than Skin Color

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The Los Angles Times first reported Saturday night that two police officers were shot at close range while sitting in their police cruiser---one shot in the head, the other in the face.

Both, still alive, were rushed to a nearby hospital.

While the police officers were in emergency surgery---people claiming to be BLM and Antifa blocked other emergency entries to the hospital, while trying to rush the emergency room screaming, "I hope they f-----g die."

This kind of hatred is not "systemic racism" and it won't be fixed by "peaceful protests." Nor by the hollow self-righteous acts of the religious and political Left.

It's deeper than skin color.

Be informed, not misled.

By yesterday---Sunday Morning, a few more details were becoming known. More will be learned today.

I'm not linking to the LA Times story because it requires a paid subscription for you to access the story.

But several other news organizations are covering the tragedy.

Saturday night.

Two on-duty police officers were sitting in their patrol car in the LA suburb of Compton. Without warning or provocation, an individual walked up to the window of the patrol car and shot both officers---one in the head, the other in the face.

Officials say the two officers were conducting a routine patrol outside an LA Metro train station when they were attacked.

One of the two victims was able to tell fellow officers that the shooter was a "dark-skinned male."

Both suffered multiple gunshot wounds but were out of surgery in intensive care recovery yesterday.

LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the two officers graduated police training together and were sworn in 14 months ago.

One victim is a 24-year-old man, the other a 31-year-old woman, and mother of a six-year-old child.

A spokesman for the Sheriff's Department said: "They both are fighting for their lives, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers."

Most decent people would approve and act on that request. However, a mob appeared at the hospital profoundly disagreeing.

At the hospital.

Fox was reporting yesterday that "protesters showed up at the hospital that was treating the ambushed cops, yelling 'I hope they f-----g die'."

The so-called protesters were shouting: "Y'all gonna die one by one." And "death to the police"--"kill the police."

A video of the area shows the "demonstrators challenging the hospital security, claiming the hospital is a public, not private place and they have the right to enter for any reason.

Those attempting to rush the emergency room identified themselves as Black Lives Matter.

In the mayhem, the police arrested a couple of people who were trying to interfere with police activity and assist the so-called demonstrators---it turned out both were apparently connected to the press. One had not identified himself as press, the other said she forgot her credentials.

The woman was arrested because she was running toward the police while they were arresting another person. After repeatedly warning the woman to stop because she was interfering with the police--they arrested her.

A local faith leader who was at the hospital told KABC TV that the protesters tried to rush the emergency room where the officers were being treated. He said they were shouting: "Death to the police" and "kill the police", using all kinds of "curse words."

The faith leader told the Times he thought the behavior was "unacceptable behavior, because a hospital should be a sanctuary."

Unacceptable, indeed.

One protester inside the hospital trying to rush the emergency room was screaming: "Tell their family, I hope they [expletive] die."

That strikes me as beyond "unacceptable behavior."

President Trump tweeted yesterday the shooter must be brought to justice and should these police officers die, the shooter should be given the death penalty.

Late yesterday, the Sheriff's Department reported that the two deputies are out of surgery and expected to survive.

Sheriff Villanueva described the condition of the wounded officers as a "double miracle," thanking people for their prayers.

The authorities are looking for the shooter and offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the shooter's arrest---as of late last night. We'll learn more details throughout today.

Hatred beyond skin color.

In an email yesterday, Black Democrat---and conservative-- Rep. Tim Scott put out a fundraising message that I found very revealing: In part, he said right after he spoke in support of President Trump at the GOP Convention, the attacks came. They were vicious.

He said:

"I'm used to the comments and insults coming from haters on social media. But the... racism shown by my Democrat colleagues is becoming a new trend. The far-left Democrats and liberal media are doing their best to tear down Black conservatives like me, one by one. The only way to stop them is to stand up and show them we're far stronger than they ever believed."

"We must show the left that our conservative beliefs are deeper than the color of our skin," he said.


Conservatism is rooted in biblical teaching.

Progressivism is rooted in humanism and cultural Marxism.

Both beliefs transcend skin color, even though racism and elitism have always been a part of humanistic beliefs.

Humanism places man as a deity---a law unto himself. With government, under their leadership, as the giver and arbiter of freedom.

Conservative, Christian beliefs place God in His rightful place as the author of all human rights and the government as the protector of those God-given rights.

Progressivism fosters lawlessness. It expresses itself every night in cities across our country.

Christian conservative biblical beliefs support lawfulness.

  • First Timothy 1:9 teaches that laws are necessary in a sinful world.
  • According to the Bible, the root of all lawlessness is rebellion against God.
  • First John 3:4 defines sin as lawlessness.
  • Lawlessness is contrasted with righteousness in Romans 6:19, II Corinthians 6:14 and Heb. 1:9.
  • Lawlessness always creates chaos. In Acts 19, the rioters were confused and unsure even of why they were rioting (v.32) while ignoring proper legal channels (v 39) and breaking the law (v 40).
  • I Peter 2:14 says human government exists "to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right."
  • The Bible connects man's lawlessness and rebellion against God with his need for God's forgiveness. In Romans 4:7, Paul is quoting Ps. 32:1 saying: "Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered."

For more than two generations, we have taught children to ignore God, truth is what you believe it to be, therefore you are a law unto yourself which gives you a right to destroy your unwanted, unborn children, redefine God's model for marriage and family, and behave as you want---without restraint.

And everybody wins because there are no consequences, no heaven or hell. Love wins--you win with no accountability.

So when someone---anyone, regardless of the color of their skin, tries to hold you accountable, the anger is not about the color of one's skin---it's rooted in hatred, rejection, and rebellion against God Himself.

Only Jesus Christ can save us from our selves. The Gospel is the only solution.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be prayerful.