Tuesday, October 19, 2021

China Stuns the World, While the Lion Sleeps

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US intelligence agencies were caught by surprise when China secretly tested a nuclear-capable low-orbit hypersonic missile in August.

The weapon circled the globe before descending upon its target, missing by about two dozen miles.

Does anyone remember the 1961 hit song, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight?"

One of our intelligence experts said, "We have no idea how they did this," while other experts described it as "astounding" and "much more advanced than US officials realized."

Why does the lion sleep, when he should be wide awake?

There's a biblical answer. 

Be informed, not misled.

A developing storm.

The Pentagon says they "are aware that China has been working on hypersonic weapons technology and other advanced missile systems, unburdened by any of the arms control treaties that impede competing programs in the United States and Russia, but the August test---conducted without advance notice, warning or publication ---reportedly stunned analysts who thought the Chinese were much further behind in the orbital arms race."

The Financial Times first reported on Twitter, Saturday: "China tests new space capability with hypersonic missile launch...of nuclear-capable rocket  that circled the globe took us by surprise."

North Korea also claimed it tested a hypersonic weapon at the end of September, but its capabilities were far more limited than China's.

China's test missile actually flew all the way around the Earth before plunging into the atmosphere to strike.

Experts say hypersonic missiles are theoretically difficult to track or intercept because they can fly and maneuver at low altitude while flying at 5 times the speed of sound---or faster.

Our own military is saying it would be "destabilizing" if China "developed the capability to deliver global nuclear strikes from space, using hypersonic delivery systems that could not be tracked or intercepted."

On Saturday, China insisted that all their weapons are "purely defensive in nature."

The Communist Party-run "Global Times" said: "It is important to note the unstoppable trend that China is narrowing the gap with the US in some key military technologies as China is continuously developing its economic and technological strength."

And they added, it is "inevitable that China will take the upper hand over the US military strength" in areas like Taiwan and the South China Sea---and Beijing plans to "improve the quality of its nuclear deterrence to ensure that the US  completely eliminates the idea of nuclear blackmail against China at any critical moment."

It's also stunning to hear this coming from China, while we still remember our own Gen. Milley getting caught telling China not to worry about the United States---"If we ever decide to attack China, I'll let you know in advance."

Have we lost our collective mind?


Why the "Lion Sleeps Tonight."

Bob Barr, who formerly represented Georgia's Seventh District in the US House, served as US Attorney in Atlanta and was an official with the CIA, now practices law in Atlanta.

I've met Bob and had several conversations with him in the past. He is a very clear thinker, loves God, and loves his country.

Yesterday he began his article with this: 

In 1961 a previously unknown 'doo wop' group, the 'Tokens', topped the singles chart with 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight.' Considering the 'woke' leadership in the United States military and our foreign intelligence agencies, many are wondering if the US military 'lion' sleeps while our Russian and Chinese counterparts work feverishly to overtake us in at least one key technology---hypersonic weaponry.

It's a concern worthy of serious study.

Barr continues noting that these reports about hypersonic weaponry come as "America's commander-in-chief, President Joe Biden, and his top military and foreign intelligence leaders remain fixated on ensuring a "woke" defense establishment and on mandating COVID vaccines for all military and civilian employees under their command, regardless of how many resignations such a short-sighted policy will cause."

He also reminds us that we must remember the words of Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley's publicly reported views that Communist China is not "an enemy," and his "self-admitted friendship with his counterparts in the People's Liberation Army that overrode his loyalty to former President Trump, it is indeed fair to speculate where his true priorities lie."

Barr further reminds us that as Lloyd Austin, on assuming office this year, made it clear that his top priority as Secretary of Defense is not China or Russia, but rather to ferret out "white extremism" in the ranks.

While the Pentagon's policies on LGBTQ awareness and hiring are well advanced, clearly our military advancement has stalled. And the world knows it. The United States currently has no programs of record for hypersonic weapons, and only possible production of "prototypes."

In other words, while our primary adversaries develop functional hypersonic weaponry, our current government is still "deciding to decide."

They're sleeping on it.

Barr explains that this matter is particularly troubling considering that China's leaders are reportedly looking at possible deployment of such devastating weapons in a "regional context."

You put Gen. Milley's promises to the Communist regime in China to give them advance notice, with no reciprocal from the communists, of course, it is concerning, to say the least.

The takeaway

The primary function of America's government is supposed to be protecting our country---national security.

Clearly, the lion is sleeping. Or completely living in denial, while focusing on social issues and so-called "climate crises."

No one has forgotten the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan mere weeks ago.

Some thoughts on a biblical response.

  • If you voted for the current administration, give it some serious thought and prayer. Is this really God's will for our country? Should our vote be driven by how much we disliked---or hated--Trump? 
  • Is electing someone who carries the abortion banner in killing millions of unborn, unwanted babies somehow a morally higher ground? Or is leading the charge to redefine marriage morally superior to someone who has had two failed marriages? 
  • Shouldn't a biblical Christian consider policies at least as important as our personal level of dislike for a presidential candidate?
  • And finally, where do we ultimately put our trust?

Psalm 20 begins with:

"The Lord hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee." It speaks of rejoicing in our salvation---setting up our banners in the name of the God we trust, and knowing that His strength is "saving" strength.

Verse 7 offers the choice: 

"Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God."

Be Informed. Be Faithful. Be Discerning. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.