Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Judgment Day for WSU Football Coach Rolovich--and Others

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Washington State University has announced that head football coach Nick Rolovich has been fired after the coach, among the state's highest-paid workers, declined to comply with Gov. Jay Inslee's mandate that all state employees be vaccinated by Monday, October 18.

Coach Rolovich said he loves his job, loves his "kids" on the football team---and they have been winning football games.

WSU Athletic Director Pat Chun told the press that as October 18 approached, "Rolovich did not change his mind. He was resolute in his stance."

Coach Rolovich had requested a religious exemption. Some say he had received the exemption when it was reviewed by the religious freedom panel, without his name attached. I can't confirm that.

However, the state obviously decided Coach Rolovich does not qualify for religious freedom.

Thousands of citizens in Washington State and elsewhere are, and have been, denied their constitutional rights to religious freedom under the guise of "Covid" and "the greater good."

Is America descending into a kind of medical fascism?

Be informed, not misled.

Coach Rolovich's judgment day, and what it reveals.

Spokane Washington's Spokesman-Review says, "Despite the Cougar's recent breakthrough under their second-year football coach, Rolovich's tenure won't be remembered for much else besides its unprecedented conclusion---and the controversial personal decision that ultimately resulted in his termination."

Only in the age of Covid and so-called progressivism, has invoking our First Amendment rights to religious freedom and liberty become "unprecedented" and "controversial."

The Spokesman-Review continues, "He drew his line in the sand three months ago and did not budge." And that does not seem to be a compliment to his deeply held religious convictions.

People who hold authentic religious beliefs---particularly biblical Christians, most often do not bow to a lesser authority when that lesser authority---in this case, the state--- conflicts with what we believe to be biblical teaching.

The book of Acts is very clear about the differentiation, (Acts 5:29), when state-imposed mandates conflict with biblically held beliefs, we are to "obey God rather than man."

I don't know Rolovich, but clearly, he believes deeply, he was raised in a Catholic home, about what he has done, otherwise, he wouldn't have taken the hit.

His annual salary is $3.2 million annually according to the media, making him the highest-paid state employee in Washington---just ahead of the football coach at the University of Washington.

Washington State University has already determined that acting on his religious beliefs has disqualified him from being able to do the job he was hired to do.

Typically that has been called "religious discrimination," but apparently no more. 

Four other WSU assistant coaches are also gone for the same reason.

Greater good? Or obedience to God?

In the book of Daniel (3:8-30) there is a well-known story about three young Hebrew men who made a similar decision. You likely know the story: King Nebuchadnezzar, who was full of himself--- pretending to be God, had built a golden image of himself---and by law was demanding everyone bow down to the image at the appointed times. 

The three young Hebrew men didn't do it. Not because they were rebellious, but because of their deeply held convictions about who is God---and who is not God.

The king became enraged and began to question the young men.

The questioning began with "shaming" or as it is sometimes called "othering." 

In verse 14 Nebuchadnezzar said to the young men, "Is it true, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego that you do not serve my gods or worship the gold image which I have set up?"

Everybody is doing it--- "Is it true" that you are the only ones who are not participating? Not serving my gods.  Why would you take such a position, etc?  The message: What's wrong with you? Why are you so different? Why don't you fit into the community?

He then mandated a deadline to comply-- or else.

This story ended well. You know the rest of the story.

Monday evening, athletic director Pat Chun was opening to the press, "It's disheartening to be here today. Our football team is hurting, our WSU community is fractured"

Is it true that Coach Rolovich has done this to us? Everyone else is complying.

The Review reports that Rolovich was "criticized heavily for his position, which was viewed as selfish and contradictory to his high paid leadership role at a major research institution."

Is it true that you would do this to everyone? Is it true that even for the right price you are still refusing to do what you're expected to do? To do what is right, given the circumstances?                                  

"Internally," the newspaper reports, "within Washington State University, from our faculty and staff point of view, there's been a lot of frustration with such a prominent employee choosing not to be vaccinated." 

Not to serve the greater good.

Is it true...?

It often costs to hold religious convictions in an adversarial secular culture. This will be a developing story. We'll keep you posted.

The furnace has been prepared for this coach and his four assistants who are now officially thrown into the fire.

This is a high-profile case, but not the only one involving the collision of deeply held religious views and state mandates. Police, fireman, and many others are facing the ancient question, "Is it true...?

Seattle police cars were spotted this week with Gadsden flags hung over their windows, with the iconic message, "Don't Tread On Me." 

Some say they are taking time off to decide what they are going to do long term, others are walking away from their career in law enforcement now, while still others are calling it quits at the end of the year. None seem anxious to stay long term.

Certainly, lawsuits will follow.

America's descent into medical fascism.

Rob Jenkins wrote an article, published Sunday, titled: "America's Descent into Medical Fascism."

Jenkins notes that the medical profession and fascism share a long and sordid history.

"During the 1930s," he says, "German doctors joined the Nazi party at four times the rate of other professionals. Among the Nazis' most heinous crimes against humanity were their medical experiments on human subjects."

He says, "Now we are told we must surrender our freedom, we are told, for the good of society, to 'combat the virus'."

Jenkins claims what is happening in America today is not, as some are suggesting, communism or socialism that the medical left is pushing---it's "straightforward fascism."

Jenkins says, "One of the scariest things about European Fascism is the speed at which it came to dominate everyday life. Within a few years, you were either all in for “the State” or you were its enemy."

A similar dynamic has emerged, he believes, in the United States. "First, there were two weeks to flatten the curve." Then there were more lockdowns, closing small businesses and shuttering churches, followed by additional unconstitutional mandates."

Now we have an Attorney General, at the behest of the president, labeling parents 'domestic terrorists' for daring to stand up against corrupt school boards."Citizens are encouraged to be 'good Germans' and inform on each other; the FBI, like plainclothes Gestapo, is to be the enforcement arm."

He equates the nexus of big government and big business---which we see with the Biden administration and Big Tech controlling what the public can and cannot be told.

He includes '30s era "book burning" to today's equivalent of big tech's suppressing information that is true, but not helpful to the greater good.

And he talks about "othering."  Is it true...?

The Nazis became infamous for identifying one group as the cause of all societal ills. For them, it was the Jews, whom they blamed for everything from the nation's economic woes to public health challenges.

Posters from that era depict Jews as bug-like creatures spreading typhoid and other diseases.

Today it is the so-called "anti-vaxxers"---anyone who does not consent to be vaccinated for any reason, whether religious beliefs, health issues, or whatever---who are the spoilers of the greater good.

Normally fascism begins with an element of nationalism, but today's movement has seen the light and replaced nationalism with globalism.


Thankfully there are hopeful signs of push back among parents toward public schools, ordinary people toward the medical elite, and toward big tech, and toward our current dysfunctional administration.

People are awakening to the gathering storm of darkness.

Former Vice President Pence said Sunday, "Weakness arouses evil."

This is a time to be strong and of good courage and stand up for righteousness. As the old Sunday School song said: "Stand up for Jesus."

Be Informed. Be Hopeful. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.