Thursday, October 21, 2021

Seattle Mayor Durkan: "We're Better Off Than We Thought"

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Seattle Police Department officers and firefighters who were fired for believing they had rights under the Constitution-- and had not complied with the city's Covid shots mandate---marched up the steps of City Hall to turn in their boots this week.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said, "We're in much better shape than we thought we would be..." 

Acting in compliance is now more virtuous than acting out of conscience.

To accomplish the new norm, Biden and his enablers in the press are working overtime to lower everyone's expectations on every aspect of life in America.

Be informed, not misled.

Footage taken from Seattle City Hall and posted on social media shows dozens of people walking up the steps with boots in their hands, preparing to turn them in after they were fired for not complying with the city's Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Some of the former firefighters and police were later seen passing out food to the homeless.

Mayor Durkan told the press, "We're in much better shape than we thought we would be because so many people have done exactly what we asked them to do."

"Asked" would be an understatement. "Demanded" would be more accurate.

Should compliance trump conscience?

Back in November of 2019, then-President Trump was fully aware of the Left's obsession with undermining God-given rights of conscience---particularly in healthcare. 

His administration had put in place a rule that would have made it easier for medical providers to avoid performing abortions and other medical services on religious or moral grounds.

It became known as the "Conscience Rule." 

Just prior to the rule taking effect, an Obama-appointed judge struck it down.

The US District Judge called the "conscience rule," enacted by Trump's HHS, "coercive" and said the basis for the rule's enactment was "factually untrue."

The judge said the "conscience rule" crossed the line and was "coercion" not "persuasion" because there were consequences--loss of funding---if the rule was violated.

Why are the Left's mandates, which now bring dire consequences for noncompliance, not also considered "coercive?"

In the case of the Trump "conscience rule," the judge said, "Federal statute already protects moral and religious rights of healthcare providers who work for recipients of federal funding."

Why was that true then, but not now?

Trump's rule would have increased enforcement and oversight of a constitutional, God-given right, but the judge and the Left don't want enforcement or oversight of personal, especially, religious rights and freedoms.

Now we are seeing those rights---said to be already in place-- diminished and discarded---by the same radical Left. 

Apparently, Mayor Durkan had thought the reduction in first responders would be worse than it is. But it didn't matter, because it is not---nor was it ever---about the so-called "greater good." It is about advancing a destructive, far-left agenda on America.

In the mind of the Leftist, a crisis is an opportunity---a tool---to advance an agenda, not something to be solved, but something to be managed for the cause.

In the relativistic world of "progressivism," the end is so noble that it justifies every means.

About managing public perception.

Fox News says, "The Washington Post went into overtime this week to lower expectations for President Joe Biden over issues plaguing his administration, and driving down his popularity."

His approval rating continues to fall. It's at an all-time low of 36.4% according to a Zogby poll. Additionally, 61.3% gave Biden a negative rating when asked about his overall job performance. Only 2.3% didn't know how they felt about Biden.

Columnist Micheline Maynard made a call on Monday for "spoiled" Americans to lower their expectations as consumers and accept shortages in goods across the country stemming from supply chain disruptions.

Maynand said, "It's time for some new, more realistic expectations," noting that Americans are spoiled, but it is now time for us to get accustomed to things being different---less than. She said, "It's now our turn to make adjustments." 

Senator Josh Hawley said this week, "America under Joe Biden is a land of scarcity and want."

Progressive Democrats sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi describing their desire "to fundamentally transform the relationship between the American people and their government."

And that long march through our institutions seems to have begun with the trampling of God-given  religious freedom


The drumbeat of the Left is a march toward destruction.

However, Mayor Durkan may have unknowingly spoken the truth. Often we Christians forget how well off we are in the Lord.

Clearly, we must work and pray to change leadership in our communities, state, and country. Every Christian must vote biblical values.

 But consider how well off we are:

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all they ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths" (Proverbs 3:5-6).

And remember this: 

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving present you requests to God" (Philippians 4:6).

And relax. God is in control.

Be Informed. Be Not Afraid. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.