Friday, March 25, 2022

Joe Biden to Lead the Free World?

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Yesterday the White House cast President Joe Biden as a man leading the free world as he began a series of summit meetings in Europe with the promise to "hold Russia accountable" for its invasion of Ukraine.

Even the Biden-friendly media in America express doubt that he can handle a crisis ---most Americans agree.

Victor Davis Hanson sheds some light on the path forward---the "real reset."

Be informed, not misled.

Over the course of 24 hours, the European diplomatic capital of Brussels is hosting an emergency NATO summit, a gathering of the Group of Seven (G7) industrialized nations, and a summit of the European Union.

President Biden is attending all of them, according to Associated Press.

Jake Sullivan, Biden's national security adviser, says the US wants to hear "that the resolve and unity that we've seen in the past month will endure for as long as it takes."

President Biden, we're told, will deliver remarks about his meetings when he returns home tomorrow.

His remarks, the White House says, will be about "the united efforts of the free world to support the people of Ukraine, hold Russia responsible for its brutal war, and defend a future that is rooted in democratic principles."

Sullivan says Biden's people are aiming "to set out a longer-term game plan" for what forces and capabilities are going to be required for the alliance's eastern flank countries.

Is Joe Biden capable of leading the free world?

The president's diplomatic thrust on the world stage comes as back home faith in his ability to discharge his duties continues to fall.

Associated Press has published an extensive article on Biden's move to lead the free world, and even they conclude: "Even as concern among Americans has swelled and support for a major US role in the conflict strengthened in the last month, Biden's negative approval rating has not budged...Few are very confident that he can handle a crisis, and a majority thinks he lacks toughness in dealing with Russia."

This is from a news organization that has supported and nurtured Biden during his first---disastrous, year in office.

Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden---all the prominent so-called "progressives" have been calling for a "reset"

The left's dilemma.  

AP wistfully ponders..."Biden promised voters that he has the experience to navigate a complicated international emergency like the one unfolding in Europe and his trip will be the latest test of that proposition."

Victor Davis Hanson agrees that there is a reset coming, but not the one the Left is imagining and hoping for.

He writes

President Joe Biden believes the Ukraine war will mark the start of a "new world order." In the middle of the COVID global pandemic, Klaus Schwab and global elites likewise announced a "great reset."

Accordingly, the nations of the world would have to surrender their sovereignty to an international body of experts. They would enlighten us on taxes, diversity, and green policies.

When former President Donald Trump got elected in 2016, marquee journalists announced partisan reporting would have to displace the old, supposedly disinterested approach to the news.

There is a common theme here.

Biden has often spoken about his life-long dream of becoming President of the United States. It is apparent that now, having become president, he is unable to deliver.

Hanson explains the dilemma of the Left:

In normal times progressives worry that they do not have public support for their policies. Only in crises do they feel that the political Left and media can merge to use apocalyptic times to ram through usually unpopular approaches to foreign and domestic problems.

We saw that last year: fleeing from Afghanistan, the embrace of critical race theory, trying to end the filibuster, pack the court, junk the Electoral College, and nationalize voting laws.

These "new orders" and "resets" always entail far bigger government and more unelected, powerful bureaucracies. Elites assume that their radical changes in energy use, media reporting, voting, sovereignty, and racial and ethnic quotas will never quite apply to themselves, the architects of such top-down changes.

So we common folk must quit fossil fuels, but not those who need to use corporate jets. Walls will not mar our borders but will protect the homes of Nancy Pelosi, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates.

He continues: "Hunter Biden's lost laptop will be declared, by fiat, not news. In contrast, the fake Alfa Bank 'collusion' narrative will be national headline news for weeks."

Hanson says, "Middle-class lifestyles will be curbed as we are instructed to strive for sustainability and transition to apartment living and mass transit. But the Obamas will still keep their three mansions, and Silicon Valley futurists will insist on exemptions for their yachts."

The "real" reset. 

Hanson says, "In truth, we are about to see a radical reset - of the current reset. It will be a different sort of transformation than the elites are expecting and one that they should greatly fear."

Victor Davis Hanson is one of America's most respected, conservative historians.

Speaking from history, he laid out what he believes the "reset" of the "reset" will look like.

First, here's why it will happen according to Hanson:

The world and the United States are furious over hyperinflation that may soon exceed 10% per year. We will be lucky if it ends only in recession or stagflation, rather than a global depression.

The mess was created by the same apparat who bought into "modern monetary theory." That silly university idea claimed prosperity would follow vastly expanding the money supply, keeping interest rates at de facto zero levels, running huge annual deficits, piling up the unsustainable national debt, and subsidizing workers to stay home.

Natural gas and oil costs are now soaring to unsustainable levels - and to the point where the middle class simply will not be able to travel, keep warm in winter, or cool in summer.

Both in Europe and the United States left-wing governments deliberately curbed drilling and non-Russian pipelines. They shut down nuclear power plants and subsidized costly, inefficient solar and wind projects. They ended up not with utopia, but with fuel shortages, high prices, and energy dependency on the world's most repressive regimes.

The woke revolution in the West was supposed to teach us that the "white male"-dominated Western world is toxic. Its origins, ascendence, and current leisure and affluence were supposedly due only to systemic exploitation, racism, and sexism.

Elites introduced cancel culture, doxxing, deplatforming, and social ostracism to shame these supposed exploiters and to destroy their lives and careers.

Few asked how a supposedly noxious West of some 2,500 years duration became the number one destination of millions of global non-Western migrants and offered the greatest degree of global prosperity and freedom for its citizens.

So, Victor Davis Hanson sees a reset reckoning coming-- in reaction to the "new orders" championed by Biden and the Davos set.

Here's what he sees.

In the November 2022 midterms, we are likely to see a historic "No!" to the orthodox left-wing agenda that has resulted in unsustainable inflation, unaffordable energy, war, and humiliation abroad, spiraling crime, racial hostility - as well as arrogant defiance from those who deliberately enacted these disastrous policies.

What will replace it is a return to what until recently had worked.

Closed and secure borders with only legal and measured immigration will return. Americans will demand tough police enforcement and deterrent sentencing, and a return to integration and the primacy of individual character rather than separatist fixations on the "color our skin."

The public will continue to tune out of the partisan and mediocre "mainstream" media. We will see greater increased production of oil and natural gas to transition us slowly to a wider variety of energy, strong national defense, and deterrent foreign policies.

The prophets of the new world order sowed the wind and they will soon reap the whirlwind of an angry public worn out by elite incompetence, arrogance, and ignorance.


I personally believe he could be right. Historically, I absolutely believe he's right. However, we must look at these issues through what the Bible says.

Scripture teaches that the world will continue to decline until the return of Christ. In fact, the kind of decline and decay we are presently seeing are signs of the times according to Jesus.

So should it happen as Hanson suggests, and I pray it does, I believe it would be a pause---a reprieve, for Christians to share the gospel with more people---to do more of God's work until He returns.

Jeremiah the prophet, told God's people (Jeremiah 6:16-17):

Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said We will not walk therein. Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said We will not hearken

A midterm election will take place later this year. We will see if America returns to the "old paths."

In 2024, America will elect a president. If we stay with some form of the current leadership, we will indeed "reap a whirlwind."

If we choose to return to the tried and proven paths, we will experience a reprieve.

Work as if it's all up to you. Pray as if it's all up to God because it is.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.