Wednesday, June 08, 2022

VP Harris, No God In Faith Meeting

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Vice President Harris hosted a roundtable conversation on abortion rights with faith leaders on Monday but made no mention of God.

She noted the last few years had tested everyone's faith during the coronavirus pandemic, the rise in "hate and misinformation" on the Internet, and continued gun crimes and mass shootings.

She told the faith leaders, "I do believe---and I, my entire life, believed this---but I think we, collectively, know, in particular now: We need faith. We need faith."

But God was never mentioned---so, faith in what?

Be informed, not misled.

The irony.

It's ironic, at least to me, that the Vice President of the United States would be meeting with "faith" leaders to discuss abortion in a constructive way.

It's concerning that she, as second in command of our country, would be directing these leaders to a faith in something other than God, given the history of our founding and rise to become the most blessed, prosperous, and free nation in the history of the world.

The Vice President told the group of faith leaders that we must call America to have "faith in each other, in our nation, and our future."

This, at a time when our nation is staggering under the chaos of misguided policies and stumbling toward Sodom in our obsession with foisting sexual perversion on our children---in government-run schools.

I'm reminded of a comment another Democrat made on October 6, 1935: 

“We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a Nation, without reckoning with the place the Bible has occupied in shaping the advances of the Republic. … Its refining and elevating influence is indispensable to our most cherished hopes and ideals.”

President Franklin D. Roosevelt also said on January 20, 1945:

"The Almighty God has blessed our land in many ways. He has given our people stout hearts and strong arms with which to strike mighty blows for freedom and truth. He has given to our country a faith which has become the hope of all peoples in an anguished world. So we pray to Him now for the vision to see our way clearly."

Perhaps the cancelation of God from the "faith" meeting had to do with the point of the meeting. It had nothing to do with "striking mighty blows for freedom and truth." And the meeting certainly had nothing to do with asking God for a "vision" to "see our way clearly."

The point of the meeting was how to protect the killing of unwanted, unborn babies. 

She pointedly brought up the pending Supreme Court decision on abortion.

"I would like to talk with these faith leaders about the impending decision from the United States Supreme Court that we believe will undo the very principles and premise of the importance of her privacy, the right that Roe v Wade stands for," she began.

When you begin a meeting with a lie, you're generally not inclined to invoke God or offer a prayer to Him.

The lie.

The right of a mother to kill her unwanted child in the womb, Harris explained, should be "unfettered" by the government and the courts.

“So, that conversation, of course, in my mind, is a conversation that requires us to also discuss whether we value the concept of self-determination — the ability of an individual to make decisions about their own life and the future of their life and the choices that will directly impact so many other choices,” she said.

Harris warned the Supreme Court’s decision would likely endanger the right to contraception and same-sex marriage and condemned a proposed law in Louisiana that would ban abortion in all cases except when the life of the mother is at stake.

"The threat to all of these principles and priorities is very clear and imminent,” she said.

While Harris did not mention God, she referred to the “higher purpose” that should guide everyone.

“You all, as our faith leaders, have done extraordinary work, in particular of these last few years, to remind folks that they are not alone, that we are in this together, that there is a higher purpose, and that we should be guided by all that we know — that that gives us a chance of shining a light in the midst of dark moments and dark days,” she concluded.

This is the profile of spiritual confusion and darkness.

This administration stands in stark contradiction to those who came before them to lead this country.

President Lincoln said, "It is the duty of nations as well as men to recognize the truth announced in Holy Scripture and proven by all history that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord."

The avoided "truth" of this "faith" meeting was that God has said, "Thou shalt not kill"---therefore He was not invited.

This "faith" meeting reflects too many "faith" meetings across our country.

President Benjamin Harrison asked the obvious question: "If you take out of your statutes, your constitution, your family life all that is taken from the Bible, what would there be left to bind society together?"

The obvious answer: Nothing. And that's why America is deeply divided.

Shane Idleman, Pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, CA., wrote this for the Christian Post yesterday:

A.W. Tozer hit the nail on the head decades ago: “If Christianity is to receive a rejuvenation, it must be by other means than any now being used … there must appear a new type of preacher.”

Tozer continues, “The proper, ruler-of-the-synagogue type will never do. Neither will the priestly type of man who carries out his duties, takes his pay and asks no questions, nor the smooth-talking pastoral type who knows how to make the Christian religion acceptable to everyone. All these have been tried and found wanting.”

He concludes, “Such a man is likely to be lean, rugged, blunt-spoken and a little bit angry with the world. He will love Christ and the souls of men to the point of willingness to die for the glory of the One and the salvation of the other. But he will fear nothing that breathes with mortal breath.” God, give us more prophets and less puppets! 

Appeasement — an exercise in futility 

Trying to please a Christ-rejecting world is an exercise in futility.

Weak and woke won’t turn America around, but neither will pride and arrogance.  

Whether you’re on the Right or the Left, you must be on the right side of God’s Word.


Thinking of our need for fearless leadership, I'm reminded of the account of Micaiah warning Ahab, then making this statement: “As surely as the Lord lives, I will speak whatever the Lord tells me” (1 Kings 22:14).

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.