Friday, June 03, 2022

Why "Pride Month" Has become "Irritation Month"

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Once a month known for romance---between a male and female, weddings, and Father's Day, June has now become a month of irritation for many.  

And contradiction.

And compromise.

A poll released last month finds that 87% of all Americans are likely to stop using a product or service of a company that ties its advertising to, and openly advocates for, a political agenda they disagree with.

From the White House to the US Embassies, including the one at the Holy See and beyond, the "pride" flags fly in June, and a lot of people are getting sick and tired of it.

Be informed, not misled.

Consumer to corporations:  "Please stop irritating me. Or else."

Suzanne Bowdey, with Family Research Council, observed this week:

It might seem like every other June 1, but inside corporate board rooms, this Pride Month feels different. Companies aren’t coasting into this rainbow bonanza like past years — empowered and carefree. They’re looking in the rearview mirror at a 2022 that’s been anything but kind to their CEOs’ woke causes. After the uprising against Disney, State Farm, Starbucks, and Target, the question on most businesses’ minds has to be: Will Pride come before the profits fall?

For most Americans, even the sympathetic ones, June comes with its share of irritation. You can’t log on to social media, shop for groceries, turn on the TV, or even buy a Crunchwrap Supreme without being hit over the head with LGBT propaganda. At the San Antonio Zoo, there’s a drag show. At Taco Bell, there’s a drag brunch. At the Detroit Tigers, there’s free transgender surgery for kids if you support the right organizations at checkout.

A Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group Survey has found that "Likely voters are disillusioned by companies that jump into the political fray and openly advocate for agendas they personally disagree with."

The survey asked respondents, "How likely are you to stop using a product or service of a company that openly advocates for a political agenda you disagree with."

Most, 87.1% said it is at least somewhat likely they would stop using the product. Of those, 51.8% said it is "very likely." The survey found that 84.5% of Democrats, 93.4% of Republicans, and 82.6% of Independents share those sentiments.

So the public is fed up with companies wearing their agendas on their sleeves.

Bowdey's article says there's been a major miscalculation on the part of today's CEOs that every day Democrats are on board with all their activism, but they're not. More than 84% of Democrats---their own cohorts---would prefer to skip corporate activism.

The political fatigue cuts across political party lines.

Intellectual fatigue.

Ben Shapiro says June marks LGBTQI+ Pride Month—a month honoring those who are “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex.”

But, he says, "This ever-expanding rubric revolves around a particular value system entirely embraced by the modern left: the notion that a person’s core identity ought to lie not in the relationship between individual desires and societal duties, but instead ought to revolve around a subjective sense of self, unverifiable by the world at large and justified against all societal roles and rules.

President Joe Biden has said as much from the White House. In a proclamation urging Americans to “wave their flags of pride high”—it is worth noting that an entire side of the political aisle in the United States now finds the so-called pride flag far less controversial than the American flag itself—Biden stated, “This month, we remind the LGBTQI+ community that they are loved and cherished. My administration sees you for who you are—deserving of dignity, respect, and support.”

Of course, Shapiro says, "Seeing people for who they typically require some sort of objective standard; it is literally impossible to see someone for who he is based on his own internal self-perception. This means that Biden is using perfectly Orwellian euphemisms to say that we all ought to validate the self-perception of any he, she, xe or catself."

"This perspective is absolutely incoherent. Ironically, this incoherence is exposed by the conflict between the different letters within the alphabet soup of the supposedly sexually marginalized. The case for tolerance of lesbian and gay Americans used to be that biological drives should not be regulated by society at large, because such drives were inborn and innate; that idea at least had the merit of internal consistency," he says.

"Now, however," he continues, "that idea has been jettisoned for its logical opposite, the belief that biology has no hold on us whatsoever, and that we ought to be free to define ourselves in opposition to our own biology, changing our gender and sexual orientation at will."

Shapiro says homosexual orientation, on the one hand, still relies on the continued distinction between the sexes, because they prefer either male or female, yet their transgenderism agenda relies totally on the malleability of human sexuality.

"Yet here we are, told by the White House that we must ignore the internal contradictions of left-wing sexual ideology away and simply pretend the incoherence away."

So consumers are irritated, thinkers are amazed at the incoherence---and now people of faith are being flogged with Biden's preferred flag. 

A compromised nation.

The US Embassies around the world are, for the second consecutive year, flying the rainbow flag on the same flagpole as the United States flag---telling the world just how important homosexuality is to this president and the activist who have his ear.

In his gay proclamation, Biden said, "Today is the start of Pride Month. The United States respects and promotes the equality and human dignity of all people including the LGBTQIA+ community."

If that is true, why would he fly his pride flag at our embassy to the Holy See---the Vatican?

Pope Francis has been pretty clear about his own beliefs about marriage being only between a man and a woman.

Last June he offered an alternative by calling on Christians to pray during the month of June for young men and women preparing for marriage.

He told the young people that "on this journey of life, the bride and the groom are not alone: "Jesus accompanies them." 

Why is President Biden so obsessed with putting the so-called "pride flag" in the face of people who clearly do not agree with the homosexual agenda?

Suzanne Bowdey says, "There will be flags above our embassies and flood lights on the White House — but unlike 2021, when Americans might still have been under the delusion that this administration was as moderate as advertised, the country is no longer fooled. They see Biden’s crusade to “queer” the military, his support for taxpayer-funded child abuse, his disregard for women’s rights. And they’re disgusted."

This is true.

However, as the culture has begun to push back on the homosexual agenda, too many churches are embracing it, in the same way as President Biden---for the same reasons: Virtue signaling.

Jesuit Father James Martin, SJ, said yesterday that "churches have a special duty to celebrate Gay Pride since much anti-gay violence has been motivated by religion."

He said it's especially important for churches to celebrate Pride, since a great deal of the rejection and even violence that the LGBTQ community has faced has been motivated by religion, or at least what people think religion teaches."

"God wants gay people to 'accept who they are'," the priest declares, "so yes, believers should also celebrate homosexuality."

"So Happy Pride!" the priest concludes.

Unfortunately, he's not alone among religious leaders.

God has not called His church to conform to the world. He has called us to transform the world. 

AW Tozer once said,

"Religion today is not transforming people; rather it is being transformed by the people. It is not raising the moral level of society; it is descending to society's own level, and congratulating itself that it has scored a victory because society is smilingly accepting its surrender."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.