Thursday, May 18, 2023

RE: The Chinese Communist Party Problem

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What most of us suspected regarding the origin of Covid-19 is confirmed in an extensive report issued by Sen. Marco Rubio.

Just as Beijing was dismissing the lab leak theory of the origin of COVID-19 in international settings, internally, Beijing was warning its officials that the risk of "laboratory-acquired infections with SARS-CoV-2 was significant," the report states.

This week we learned these same communist actors are experimenting with Artificial Intelligence---actually putting a surveillance satellite under full control of AI---allowing AI to decide what it surveils.

Be informed, not misled.

The COVID-19 lie.

The 328-page report details how systemic negligence from scientists and pressure from Chinese Communist Party officials left the Wuhan Institute of Virology uniquely susceptible to a lab leak. Rubio also reports that senior Chinese Communist Party officials were aware of a "serious biocontainment failure or accident" at the Wuhan Institute more than a month before disclosing it to the public but worked to hide that information from outside observers.

"Just as Beijing was dismissing the lab leak theory of the origin of COVID-19 in international settings, internally, Beijing was warning its officials that the risk of laboratory-acquired infections with SARS-CoV-2 was significant," the report states.

Rubio's report is the latest evidence that COVID-19 emerged from the Wuhan lab. While public health officials early in the pandemic dismissed the "lab leak" theory as a conspiracy, a growing number of virologists and federal officials have concluded that the virus was man-made. The Department of Energy and the FBI have each released reports corroborating the lab leak theory, and Dr. Anthony Fauci—an early critic of the theory—said last December that he initially dismissed the lab leak theory out of fear of increasing "tensions" with China.

How often did Fauci tell us he followed "the science?" We now know he wasn't. He was guided by fear of China.

Rubio's report was compiled over two years and is based on a large amount of information, including an array of Chinese-language sources never before translated into English. The document tells a story of China's reckless push for biotechnology dominance and the CCP's fight to conceal the humiliating missteps that led to the deadliest pandemic in nearly a century.

Once the international community was made aware of the virus, the report states, Beijing began a global deception campaign to deflect responsibility. Chinese Communist Party officials said in January 2020 that the virus emerged from a Wuhan wet market and ignored Chinese researchers who ruled out that possibility.

Beijing then imposed a gag order against all scientists, which forbade them from sharing any research related to COVID-19, all while denying to other governments that human-to-human transmission was possible. By February 2020, Chinese scientists affiliated with the government had filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Remember how often Sen. Rand Paul asked Dr. Fauci if he received royalties from the vaccines and was told it was none of his business?

The report says, "It is not the limits of science that constrain our understanding of the origin of SARSCoV-2. It was the political decision to block scientists from accessing the clinical and genomic data that would have allowed them to methodically reconstruct what happened." 

If You Liked Wuhan’s Viral Research, You’ll Love Its AI Experiments.

The National Review says, "We all learned the hard way that our lives can be seriously disrupted by scientific experiments conducted in Wuhan, China, that 'break the rules.' It’s probably worth keeping an eye on Wuhan University researchers who recently allowed artificial intelligence to control an Earth-observation satellite, which led the satellite to start looking at Indian military bases and a Japanese port used by the U.S. Navy. Apparently, when Wuhan scientists watch the Terminator movies, they root for the machines. The Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to develop advanced artificial intelligence are moving full speed ahead, with all kinds of potentially malevolent applications." 

Chinese researchers say an artificial intelligence machine was given temporary full control of a satellite in near-Earth orbit in a landmark experiment to test the technology’s behavior in space.

The China Post says, "For 24 hours the Qimingxing 1, a small Earth observation satellite, was directed by a ground-based AI, without any human order, assignment or intervention, according to a paper published in the journal Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University."

The scientists said the AI picked a few places on Earth and ordered the Qimingxing 1 to take a closer look. No explanation was given for why the technology may have selected the locations.

One targeted area was Patna, an ancient city by the Ganges River in northeast India, which is also home to the Bihar Regiment – the Indian Army unit that met China’s military in a deadly encounter in the Galwan Valley in the disputed border region in 2020.

Osaka, one of Japan’s busiest ports which occasionally hosts US Navy vessels operating in the Pacific, also ranked highly in the AI’s list of interests.

“This approach breaks the existing rules in mission planning,” said Wang and his colleagues in their paper published on April 3.

A recent Harvard University symposium concluded that China is setting itself up to be a kind of global arms dealer in the race to apply AI to government surveillance and control — the best friend of every autocratic regime on the planet.

Harvard Economics Professor David Yang spoke about the outsized success of China’s AI sector at a recent dean’s symposium on insights gleaned from the social sciences about the ascendant global power. As evidence, he cited a recent U.S. government ranking of companies producing the most accurate facial recognition technology. The top five were all Chinese companies.

“Autocratic governments would like to be able to predict the whereabouts, thoughts, and behaviors of citizens,” Yang said. “And AI is fundamentally a technology for prediction.” This creates an alignment of purpose between AI technology and autocratic rulers, he noted. 

Last month, the Japan Times reported about how the Chinese government is seeking to develop artificial intelligence applications to meet all kinds of national security and military objectives.

The Japan Times worried that The U.S. has enjoyed superiority in military technology since the end of the Cold War. But this edge is being rapidly eroded by its main rival, China, which seems determined to become a global leader in technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) that could potentially revolutionize warfare.

As Beijing focuses on a defense strategy for what it calls the “new era,” the aim is to integrate these innovations into the People’s Liberation Army, creating a “world-class” force that offsets U.S. conventional military supremacy in the Indo-Pacific and tilts the balance of power, they said.

What should we, as Christians, do when we see these things coming to pass?

I'll be talking about a Christian response to these perilous times on our daily radio program this morning. You may join me from anywhere in the world. Here's how.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.