Friday, June 02, 2023

They’re Conditioning Americans to Hate White People

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Under the guise of good social medicine, liberals and leftists have poisoned the culture with the colossal lie that “whiteness” is the culprit behind a “400-year pandemic of foundational racism” keeping America sick. It’s being perpetrated by whites through “antiquated systems of oppression.”

So writes Will Alexander.

Before you read more, you should know a little about Will Alexander.

Be informed, not misled.

Will Alexander, a retired U.S. Marine who now works in real estate, is a former print journalist. He is a very informed black man who is fed up with how things are going in his country, which he personally defended. 

Rather than summarize his comments, I want to include all of his comments.

The following opinion was written by Will Alexander and published in Townhall

I believe it is something every American should read:

They’re Conditioning Americans to Hate White People
Will Alexander

Under the guise of good social medicine, liberals and leftists have poisoned the culture with the colossal lie that “whiteness” is the culprit behind a “400-year pandemic of foundational racism” that’s keeping America sick.  It’s being perpetrated by whites through “antiquated systems of oppression.”

Whiteness, the creation of white people of European descent, they say, is a lopsided “system of privileges and advantages” that favors whites at the expense of people of color “through government policies, media portrayal, decision-making power with our corporations, schools, judicial systems, etc.”

To cure the country, people with big mouths, big money, and big plans are wildly swinging sledge hammers at America’s load-bearing walls to destroy what they see as a “white system,” to replace it with – God knows what.  

With the most dehumanizing epithets against white people, they’re pushing anti-white government policies, anti-white media portrayals, anti-white corporate decision-making, anti-white curriculums in schools, and an anti-white oppression narrative onto the judicial systems.

Slithery politicians groveling in black grievance is nothing new.  But what is new – and extremely dangerous – is a ruthlessly corrupt administration, wielding the immense machinery of American power, to demolish fundamental institutions by demonizing white people, while daring anyone – black or white – to disagree.  

Never in my lifetime have so many institutions conspired, all at once, to slop twisted narratives onto imaginary issues to force free Americans into orgies of unwanted political intercourse against their deepest convictions.

“If you don’t like what we’re doing, too bad,” they spit.  “You’re going to lay there and take it, or else.”

This is not politics.  This is not a revolution.  This is political rape.  

Just recently, the same guy who told a black audience that, if elected, Republicans “gone put ch’all back in chains” and launched his 2020 campaign on the provable lie that Trump called Nazis “great people,” told a black audience at Howard University that “white supremacy … is the most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland.”

Biden’s transportation secretary sees racism in America’s infrastructure.  His defense secretary sees it in the military.  Outgoing Gen. Mark Milley wanted his “Milley-tary” to learn about white rage.  Biden’s treasury secretary said, “the U.S. economy has never worked fairly for black Americans.”  A Biden education official once said that school discipline is part of a “racist system” of “whiteness,” especially for black girls.

“Black girls are more likely to be disciplined, frankly, because black girls experience race and sex-based discrimination in classrooms, and they are disciplined often for simply being black,” said Kayla Patrick, a special assistant, Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development at the DOE.

Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told Al Sharpton’s group that “… the threat of white supremacy … is something that we are equipping law enforcement in better addressing.”

Does this stuff sound familiar?

How is it so different from the way anti-Semites conditioned Europe to hate Jews?  Hitler’s horrors would never have been possible without people at the centers of influence, for decades, normalizing the demonization of the Jews.  

Decades before Hitler’s Great Action and Final Solution, Lithuanians, for instance, were slowly being conditioned to treat Jews as expendable.  And expendable didn’t always mean that Lithuanians hated Jews; it also meant that when bad things happened to them, people just didn’t care. 

Over time, mass social conditioning wore down their moral inhibitions.  When mass murders began – much of it by Lithuanian partisans sympathetic to Germany – a populace that was initially shocked by the butchery was numbed into collaborating with outright genocide.

“Only two days prior, we were free and equal citizens in our hometown,” wrote William W. Mishell in Kaddish for Kovno (1988) of his firsthand account of being rounded up by heavily armed Lithuanian partisans when Nazis took the city.  “… and now suddenly, we were totally devoid of any rights, prey for any hooligan.  … [W]e were suddenly more afraid of our neighbors yesterday's neighbors, people whom we had lived with for generations, than of the Germans.”

Of the roughly 30,000 Jews in Kovno, Lithuania, 90 percent were “liquidated,” many of them by former neighbors.

That’s the same poison being peddled by the Biden administration, Big Tech, and woke media propagandists, along with their organized mobs.  Under the guise of “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” they’re using intimidation and public ridicule to force-feed the illusion that “whiteness” – not behavior – is the culprit behind disparities in lagging groups.  And if hating others were not enough, they’re institutionalizing systems that teach whites, and their children, to hate themselves.

This demonization garbage is not just a difference of opinion – it’s a crime.  And Americans, panging for things to get back to “normal,” are being conditioned to become numb to it.  We may not deal with the worst consequences, but unopposed, our children and grandchildren will.  

“The greater the crime perpetrated by the leadership,” Hitler once wrote, “the less likely it is that the people will ever believe their leaders to be capable of perpetuating such an event.”

With the do-nothing responses to the Russian Collusion hoax, the calculated opening of the border, the overt censoring of free speech, the deadly suppression of early treatments to COVID, and the methodical demonization of the “white culture” for political ends, rotten politicians are banking on Americans to believe that their leaders may be bad, but too good to perpetuate outright crime.

That’s impossible.  We’re not stupid.

Tens of millions of common-sense Americans – of every color – see the rhetoric of “whiteness,” “systemic racism,” and “equity” exactly for what it is: a concoction of social and political poison that’s being used to slowly kill America as we’ve known it. 

And judging from the swift reactions to Bud Light, Fox News, and Target, there is a subterranean rage simmering beneath the Oz-like theater of today’s media, where patriots of all colors – battered and utterly betrayed by their elected “representatives” – are chomping at the bit to make their voices heard. 

How or when, who knows?  But as sure as gravity, Americans who are beyond sick of this stuff will sooner or later find a way.  At some point, there will be no choice.   

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.