Monday, June 03, 2024

"A Reluctant Prosecutor" in an Era of Delusion

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Politico, often said to be a "moderate" news source, betrayed any virtue they may have had in their ridiculous lie in the introduction of their story on the Trump trial: 

"NEW YORK — Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg won more than just the case when a jury found Donald Trump guilty of 34 felony counts."

"The Harlem Democrat, who at times seemed like a reluctant participant in a trial he launched, secured a place in history as the first prosecutor to land the conviction of an American president."

There was no reluctance in the dismantling of our republic's legal system. It was deliberate, calculated, and destructive. 

Regardless of what happens to Trump, all Americans will live to regret what has just happened to our country's legal system.

Be informed, not misled.

Politico says, "It’s easily one of the most dazzling feats of jurisprudence the nation has seen — and the sort of accomplishment that could launch him on a political rocket ship to Washington. Indeed, the conviction Thursday drew immediate praise and gratitude from Democrats, who see the former president as a unique threat to democracy — while also intensifying attacks from his supporters and the freshly convicted candidate himself, who has called the case a “witch hunt” and a “sham trial” organized by President Joe Biden."

They continue. "Yet there were no Champagne baths in Bragg’s office after the verdict. When the jury’s decision was announced in Manhattan Criminal Court, Bragg stuck to the apolitical tone he has adopted throughout the prosecution. In public, he described the case as standard practice. In private, he acknowledged to his staff the enormity of what they’d taken on — and said it was time to get back to business as usual."

In Memory of Justice

Andrew McCarthy, a respected lawyer, author, and intellectual, wrote an article this weekend titled "In Memory of Justice," in which he laid bare what has just happened to our country.

He said, "The country we love has become unlovely."

It pains me to say that. But I can’t help but feel the same anguish written on the faces of friends who, like me, grew up in the justice system. Friends who couldn’t care less about Donald Trump, who won’t vote for him, who look at the cynical circus that just closed down in lower Manhattan as still more confirmation of his appalling judgment and character . . . but who remember what American law enforcement was at its imperfect best. Friends who verge on weeping openly over what’s happened to it.

Our system embodied the rule of law, the sturdy undercarriage of a free, prosperous, pluralistic society. Now, on its good days, it’s a clown show. On the bad days — there are far too many of those — it’s a political weapon. 

If you enact laws that reflect civic virtue, and you enforce them without fear or favor, and if you work really hard at it because it’s no easy thing, you can have liberty in all its feisty splendor. But as the rule of law degrades into the rule of partisan lawyers, a constitutional republic inexorably decays into a banana republic. And it won’t take long.

McCarthy goes into some detail about Donald Trump's personal flaws and failures but underscores the point that this is about more than Donald Trump. It's about America's future. Can we survive this attack on the rule of law—our legal system?

He says, "Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of Trump shocks the conscience."

Bragg is a Democrat who campaigned for office on the implied promise that he’d reprise his practice, as a top deputy in the state attorney general’s office, of using the legal process to hound Trump. For that, New Yorkers elected him—just as they’ve twice elected Letitia James based on her now-fulfilled vow to exploit state power against the Democrats’ archnemesis. The decay here is not just legal; it’s cultural and moral.

Cultural decay

McCarthy says of Bragg, "The DA did not so much find a crime as manufacture one."

He said, "Had this been a federal prosecution, Justice Department guidelines would have barred Bragg from slicing a single, trivial, nonviolent offense into 34 counts. That’s the sort of sharp practice engaged in by unethical prosecutors, and it is especially unbecoming of those who pompously preen about rooting out public corruption. It is public corruption for a prosecutor to signal to the jury, in a nonviolent crime case trumped up, as it were, against a political foe, that the defendant must be a really bad guy if the government is throwing the book at him as if he were Osama bin Laden."

If you think this was a one-off, you’ve not only missed the last 15 years of what passes for law enforcement under both the progressive-prosecutor project in America’s big blue cities and — for most of that time — Democratic Party control of the Justice Department. You’ve missed over a century of American legal devolution, during which the law was reimagined into an extortionate weapon of social “progress,” due process devolved into punitive process, and bad precedents were inevitably exploited into monstrous precedents.

What happened in Manhattan was monstrous. The fallout is the antithesis of a constitutional republic that presumes innocence, imposes the burden of proof on the state, venerates its due-process rules, and guarantees equal protection of law. The antithesis is now the norm. Regardless of what happens to Donald Trump, all of us will live to regret it.


2 Thessalonians 2:7 says, “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work.” 

The Greek word Paul uses for iniquity in this passage literally means lawlessness. Therefore, the mystery is one of lawlessness — acting without law or restraint.

This spirit of lawlessness is rampant in our nation today. It's the force behind legislation to remove God from the public square. It's the force behind so-called secular progressivism. It's the force behind redefining marriage as any relationship you want it to be and defining gender as a state of mind, not a state of biological fact.

It is the force behind the rush by morally challenged doctors to do surgery on confused children, promising to help them "transition" from one sex to another while enriching themselves.

That is lawlessness and moral bankruptcy.

Lawlessness is a direct rebellion against God Himself, claiming there is no fixed Truth and no eternal consequences for our rebellion.

The Bible is clear: Those who refuse to obey God's Word will fall under a powerful delusion. 

Millions of Americans are living under that delusion. They believe there are no real consequences to actions.

If we allow what is happening in our country to continue, we will, as McCarthy says, "live to regret it."

If we rebel against God, we will spend eternity in hell regretting it.

Action items:

  • If you are rebelling against God, make peace with Him by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.
  • If you are concerned about our country, get involved. Vote! Stand! And support those who do so publicly. 

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.