Monday, June 10, 2024

AP Finally Admits Biden's Border Problem--"Not Enough Airplanes"

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Before leaving for his rather embarrassing appearance in Normandy, President Joe Biden signed his long-awaited executive order "cracking down" on illegal immigration at the southern border. So, what has changed since that happened? 

Even the Associated Press was forced to admit Saturday that the answer is pretty much nothing. They brought us the story of Gerardo Hanao, an illegal alien from Colombia. He crossed the border into California on Thursday.

Here's the rest of the story:

Be informed, not misled.

Gerardo was taken into custody by the Border Patrol. So far, so good, right? But instead of being shipped back to Colombia, he was dropped off at a bus stop in San Diego. From there, he took a train to the airport and boarded a flight to Newark. Gerardo reportedly doesn't even have a notice to appear in immigration court. It would seem that he is here to stay. Why couldn't he be deported? 

According to the Biden administration, no flights were available to send him back to his home country.

President Biden wants to close the border, he really tried but was unable to do so.

The Associated Press explained it like this:

The Border Patrol arrested Gerardo Henao 14 hours after President Joe Biden suspended asylum processing at the U.S. border with Mexico this week. But instead of being summarily deported, he was dropped off by agents the next day at a San Diego bus stop, where he caught a train to the airport for a flight to Newark, New Jersey.

Henao, who said he left his jewelry business in Medellin, Colombia, because of constant extortion attempts, had one thing working in his favor: a scarcity of deportation flights to that country. Lack of resources, diplomatic limitations, and logistical hurdles make it difficult for the Biden administration to impose its sweeping measure on a large scale.

So, big government and all the regulations are stopping this president from doing what about three-fourths of Americans want him to do?

The policy, which took effect Wednesday, has an exception for “operational considerations,” official language acknowledging the government lacks the money and authority to deport everyone subject to the measure, especially people from countries in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe who didn’t start showing up at the border until recently.

Last Wednesday AP said, "There are also serious questions of whether the new measure can stop large-scale migrant entries. Mexico has agreed to take back migrants who are not Mexican, but only in limited numbers. And the Biden administration doesn’t have the money and diplomatic support it needs to deport migrants long distances, to China and countries in Africa, for example."

AP worries that this plan may not work, but "The measure takes effect immediately because the new policy is triggered when arrests for illegal entry reach 2,500. About 4,000 people already are entering the U.S. each day. It was a major policy shift on a critical election-year issue that’s exposed Biden to Republican criticism over an unprecedented surge in new arrivals in an election year."

"Unprecedented" is an understatement.

Obviously, the president and the Left want to claim they are "fixing" the border disaster---a disaster they created with new border policies just ahead of the presidential election---policies they know can't and won't work. 

But now they can claim, as so-called "progressives" always do: "We're making progress."

"The crackdown was a sham from the beginning."

In his article linked above, Jazz Shaw says, "This entire 'crackdown' touted by the Biden administration was a sham from the beginning. He made the announcement because his poll numbers are tanking and Donald Trump is surging, with voters citing the border crisis and immigration as one of their top concerns, along with the economy and inflation. But he was never serious about it. Joe Biden and the Democrats want millions upon millions of illegal aliens to flood the country and they're not going to slow down now. If Americans aren't entirely suicidal at this point, they will reelect Donald Trump in November and then we'll show you what a closed border actually looks like. And we'll find the planes to start deporting people by the thousands. I'm sure Boeing has a few spares lying around that we could use."

The Bible and borders.

 Ralph Dollinger is head of Capitol Ministries, a ministry to our elected officials in Washington, DC.

During the Trump Administration, he wrote a paper for elected officials to study. It's an excellent study of "What the Bible Says About Our Illegal Immigration Problem."

I would encourage you to read the entire study. It's excellent.

Based on biblical teaching, this is a summary of what he taught our public servants.   

What follows from these exposited biblical principles are at least six applications relative to immigration. These need to be manifest in comprehensive immigration reform in order to create laws that are in line with, and pleasing to God. 

RE immigration: 

A: Foreigners should not be allowed unregulated entry into a country. Borders and oceans should be impenetrable so as to discourage illegal entrance. 

B: Foreigners should not be able to partake of any governmental entitlements. (Governments should not be in that business to begin with.) Nor should they be allowed to have any licenses, legal identification, or enrollment in any institutions. 

C: Foreigners who can help advance (not detract) should be afforded sojourner/ immigration consideration. It follows then that foreigners who are already in the country seeking citizenship should have citizen sponsors who can testify to their past value, productivity, present character, and loyalty. 

D: Foreigners should be required to pay taxes similar to those paid by citizens, both present and past due. 

E: Illegal entrants, whether headed toward citizenship or expulsion, should be justly punished. 

F: Not all of the responsibility of illegal immigration should be placed on the shoulders of each illegal immigrant because of the simple fact that the institution itself, the Government of the United States, has continually violated the biblical principles associated with immigration. The repeated, long-term violations of the institution itself in specific regard to having fostered and prolonged illegal immigration need to be taken into consideration in working out the problem. 

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.