Monday, October 05, 2009

Homosexual TV Characters at Record High This Season

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R-71/SB5688 UPDATE: These are the last days.

R-71 and the effort to "REJECT" SB 5688, which elevates homosexual relations to that of married heterosexual couples, is at the peak of urgency. We have, perhaps, a few weeks to influence a decision that will impact the state for decades to come. Ballots will soon be out, will be marked and will be sent in.

SB 5688 is a deceitful bill. It boldly proclaims to be everything but the name marriage, setting the stage for homosexual marriage in Washington State through litigation, yet is presented as having nothing to do with marriage. The sponsors, however, are traveling the state, attempting to, "change the hearts and minds of people," to believe it is only about benefits, fairness and equality. That is not true.

SB 5688 is an affront to intelligent people. Once the public properly understands the bill and its intent as a back door approach to homosexual "marriage," a majority oppose it.

"Marriage" is a union between one man and one woman, any other arrangement is not marriage and never will be. This is why the presentation by the sponsors of SB 5688 does not include their remarks to the press over the past couple of years, affirming that domestic partnerships is, "a long-term strategy" that will lead to homosexual marriage, a "bridge until we get [homosexual] marriage," etc.

It is focused on the personal destruction of those who defend marriage and an appeal to the public on behalf of "benefits," which frankly, the state can neither pay for or even correctly assess the cost.

These are the final days of an historic cultural battle. Please participate. You can do so by talking to neighbors, family and friends about the matter, asking them to vote "REJECT" on R-71 /SB 5688. You can also distribute flyers. If you have requested some and have not yet received them, 50,000 more have been printed and all requests will be filled over the next few days.

Expenses continue every day.

We need your donation today. I cannot overstate the urgency. I know you understand.

Homosexual TV Characters at Record High This Season

According to the Hollywood Reporter, homosexual characters in scripted programs, has reached an all time high in the season's network TV shows.

However, there is one network that has no, that's right, "zero" homosexual characters in their scripted shows and the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is not happy about it, calling that network, "Out of step with network television."

GLAAD president, Jarrett Barrios, says this network alone, "Continues to weed out gay and lesbian programming."

I was surprised at which network they are talking about. You may be as well.

CBS has no gay characters out of 132 series regulars.

Barrios says that homosexual characters are important on television. "It's a critical way," he says, "toward changing the hearts and minds of America."

Indeed it is.

ABC Network continues to lead in scripting homosexual characters with eight. NBC has three this year.

Only two years ago, FOX had no homosexual characters in scripted programs---this year they have four.

Barrios singled out FOX's "GLEE" for particular praise. He said last weeks episode of "GLEE," showed a teenage boy struggling with his sexual orientation and discussing it with his father.

He says of the current television programming as it relates to homosexuality, "It is a much deeper and fuller portrayal of this issue than we've seen before."

In nearly every case where homosexual behavior is portrayed, in film, television or stage, great care is taken to present it as natural and normal.

There is no hesitation in their drive to "change the hearts and minds of America" and normalize that which is not normal or natural.

Every major religion condemns homosexual behavior. St. Paul teaches in the New Testament book of Romans, that as people exchange the truth of God for the lie and worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator, God gives them over to vile passions. He describes these vile passions as including, women exchanging their natural use for what is against nature and men, "leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful and receiving in themselves the penalty to their error."

Biblical teaching on homosexual behavior is really at the heart of the R-71 effort. People who believe in the authority of biblical teaching are unwilling to enshrine into law and reward those who practice such behavior.

The question is, "Should homosexual relations be elevated to that of natural marriage?"

If not, we must REJECT R-71/SB 5688.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. So much for the claims that Ref-71 is not motivated by anti-gay animus and religious belief.

  2. Why is it that to some people those who would have influence in their city and state to protect the people from ungodly influence
    are seen as haters?

    If I praise God for making marriage one man and own woman unified in their bonds which he has ordained from the beginning,
    taking from Adam's part as he slept in the peace of God being united with him in the beginning,
    does that mean I am a 'hater'?

    I suppose it's OK if I worship God that way, but wrong if I encourage laws that edify what God has ordained.

    How can this be?

    I suppose I am a 'hater' if I do not wish my local government which collects a portion of my earnings, to pay for such business that is not of God, if I so wish. How is that?

    What wrong have I done? Am I a sinner of the basest sort if I do not embrace your behaviour which is contrary to good judgment?

    By what standard? By what rule?

    What rule is it that they wish to rule over me? Am I not to be free?

    Am I not to think good thoughts?

    When I think of the things that are contrary to God, knowing that they are wrong, are not those good thoughts?

    Why do others wish to rule over my conscience as I determine by God's help to decide what is evil and what does not help anyone enter into the good things of God?

    Must any kind of evil be allowed in my presence, in my very sight,
    on every screen, on every magazine, or billboard, or what?

    Where will it end?

    ...these people who think they love so much. Why is it I don't feel so loved? Is there something in their eye that they can not see? Only someone who is connected with Christ can remove such a thing, and only if they are willing.

    Am I wrong to decide that I wish to follow Jesus? What would Jesus have me do, join a gay parade? March in front and tell the world that it doesn't matter what you do with yourself because anything goes and everything is good even if all is not well?

    There was a serpent in the garden that told about some bad fruit, and it seemed as if it could be good after he told of it, but it was bad. It was evil. Until they ate of it they only knew what was good. Now that our eyes are opened to what is good and evil, let's choose the good and reject the bad. It's soon time to vote.

  3. Be careful when you vote on R71 .

    A VOTE against R71 will be a vote
    against same sex partners civil rights .

    A vote for R71 will be a vote keeping SB 5688
    which gives same sex partners the same rights as heterosexuals.

  4. RalthinEveratt--the 'same sex so called partners' have the same rights as the rest of us. If this bill would pass, they would have more! More than the rest of us even! They chose this diviant lifestyle, and they can get their 'special rights' via a lawyer, and keep papers with them at all times, in case of hospital and other situations that may come up. They do NOT need to up root society as God as set up, authentic marriages, of one man/one women, but stay status quo and live their lives peacfully as they have done so for years. They are single people, who choose to not live by God's rules, and fortunatly living in a free country that allows them to be open about their live choies. In some forign countries, they would not have this 'freedom' of lifestyle, as they have now in the US. Be grateful for what you have, and live peacefully. In the meantime, there is NO hate coming from the Christian commuity, just acceptance of love as fellow citizens, and yes, lots of prayers that God's 'truth' will shine and someday many gays, will embrace God's teachings of what homoxesuality really is, and and be free from this lifestyle! Love is consistently coming from us who are advocating rejecting this bill, towards those who are for it!
    Believe it--as it's true, love and prayers for the gay commuity-honest! This will never change, but in the meantime, many of us will consistently stand up for God's truth, in every way, and authentic marriages is a biggy!

  5. A same sex partner whose partner is terminally ill does not have the visiting rights as heterosexuals.
    You talk about love from the Christian community . It doesn't look or feel like love.
    You say you are standing up for God's truth. Are you also standing in for God to meet out his judgments and punishments to sinners.?


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