Friday, November 06, 2009

A Tale of Two States

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Growing up in the Yakima Valley, I often heard discussions---passionate at times, about the possibility of the central and eastern part of the state succeeding from Washington, forming a new state and the people I grew up around would have called the new state, "Lincoln". Most of those folks are dead now, but I still hear the idea from time to time.

There are a number of issues that define the difference between the east and the west, none more poignant today than the expansion of homosexual domestic partnerships---"the bridge to homosexual marriage," according to Rep. Jamie Pederson.

The Seattle Times has written an article titled, "Gay Rights Support Stops at Cascades." I have also linked the map of the state which shows voting county by county. It is very revealing.

The Tacoma News Tribune said this morning, in reporting the defeat of homosexual marriage in Maine, "There, but for the grace of King County, would have followed Referendum 71."

Ten counties, all in the Puget Sound area, are providing the vote count lead to approve SB 5688, while the other 29 counties are rejecting it. King County is King.

Nationally, the City of Seattle is very near the top in homosexual population. The Seattle Metro Area (Puget Sound) is also very near the top of all cities and metro areas in the country.

Here are some demographic stats, some personal thoughts and a few initial action items for Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

First, Wikipedia gives the following demographics:

*12.9% of the City of Seattle is homosexual , second only to San Francisco.
*Seattle is second, nationally, only to San Francisco, in the number of homosexuals living in the city.
*Seattle Metro area (Puget Sound) is second only to San Francisco in both percentage---6.5% and number of homosexuals---154,835.

While most all newspapers in the state strongly and actively supported---including selective reporting at times, SB 5688, the papers in eastern Washington certainly do not reflect the views of their readers. Both the Spokesman Review in Spokane and the Yakima Herald -Republic strongly supported "the bridge to marriage," yet look at how the counties voted.

A great amount of money was given from the metro area, including $100,000 from Microsoft, $73,500 from the Human Rights Campaign, $32,000 from the ACLU and $32,000 from the National Education Association (NEA).

Equal Rights Washington, the state's leading homosexual advocacy group, says they will be opening an office in Spokane to now focus their efforts east of the mountains. Josh Friedes, the director, says they will be identifying areas where they "can make progress."

Some thoughts.

They are right. Education makes a difference---even if it is misinformation. Or even a lie. In fact an ancient prophet has written that, "God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

Postmodernism has given us "many truths".

If the present vote count continues as it is, and I have not yet personally conceded that it will, Washington will have crossed the threshold of redefining marriage and the family. If homosexuals restrain themselves, it may be a year or so before the first lawsuit is filed. It will go something like this: The state has given me "everything but marriage," but is denying me the name "marriage". I am being discriminated against because I am homosexual. The suit will not be primarily about marriage, but discrimination. I doubt they will wait. And I doubt they will lose the litigation, because the approval of SB 5688---which is, remember, "not" about marriage, will be the basis for their litigation. No SB 5688, no legal position for the suit. The state DOMA will become irrelevant.

The homosexual marriage issue will certainly be revisited, however, while preparing for that eventuality, it is absolutely necessary to systematically educate the public.

Good news and action items:

Upwards of 200,000 people have been identified as willing to take a stand for natural marriage and the family. And are willing to remain active to defend these deeply held beliefs. We are much stronger today, than we were when we began discussion and prayer as to how we should respond to SB 5688 early this past spring.

Not only is our grassroots network greatly expanded, but there is a better understanding among people of faith and social conservatives as to what the battle looks and feels like.

The fury of the press was not unexpected. We treated them with respect, although that was often not reciprocated. And we will continue to do so.

The relentless public attempt to undermine R-71 from within the faith community was not expected. We knew there would be those who would not support our efforts, but had no idea it would be taken to that level. We have learned from that experience.

We are moving forward with a much broader, wiser and deeper base than when we began.

We are now developing a specific program to further expand the faith based network and begin an organized state wide educational program---county by county and community by community.

We will be considerably more active and more visible during the upcoming 2010 Legislative session.

We are making plans to help elect new law makers who will support those beliefs that are important to people of faith and social conservatives. There are some vulnerable seats and we will be targeting them in the future.

Many of you have financially supported Faith and Freedom for a number of years, some have begun more recently. Thank you for standing with us.

Going forward, your financial support will be even more important and necessary.

All donations to our educational outreach are tax deductible. And your name is not required to be disclosed on our annual report to the IRS. Unlike the PAC which is used for direct advocacy of candidates or referenda and initiatives.

We are substantially increasing our educational programs. I realize we are sometimes more inspired to give in a crises or campaign, however, the future lies in getting our message to people in meaningful and understandable ways. With our expanded network in place, it is the time to move forward.

I am not tired, weary or discouraged in any way, but thank you for the encouraging emails. They mean a great deal to me personally. I believe God has called me to this and I believe He will guide us and provide the necessary funding.

Please consider a tax deductible donation to Faith and Freedom Foundation.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Equal Rights Washington, the state's leading homosexual advocacy group, says they will be opening an office in Spokane to now focus their efforts east of the mountains. Josh Friedes, the director, says they will be identifying areas where they "can make progress."

    It'll be an uphill battle on the brown side. They may gain some support in Spokane and possibly the Tri-Cities, but eastern Washington has heavy populations of Mormons and Hispanic Catholics, neither of which is inclined to be sympathetic to the gay agenda. Those two churches also have the most to lose from being forced to recognize homosexual marriages, as they're the largest and best organized religious groups. Smaller Protestant churches tend to fly under the radar of the gay brownshirts, but the Catholic and Mormon churches are large to be a target for them.

  2. So Gary's numbers back up the idea that people who actually know LGBT people see through the lies and distortions of groups like FFN. They know that their LGBT friends and neighbors are nothing like the caricatures put forth by those, who oppose equality.

  3. "Education makes a difference---even if it is misinformation. Or even a lie. In fact an ancient prophet has written that, "God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

    Postmodernism has given us "many truths".

    Indeed, the misinformation and lies perpetrated by Gary and his ilk have caused no end of shame and disgrace to the wonderful name of Jesus - the right wing deceptions and partisanship have destroyed those who might otherwise be considered the people of God - now they are simply religious flesh bleating in the wind.

    Would to God that a true prophet be raised up with signs following to call out those enmeshed in the snare that false prophets with the vainglory religious actions - always with a plea for MONEY - are quick to be present with. And cast these false prophets down just as Elijah cast down the false prophets of Ba-al.

    Even so come Lord Jesus


    PS I add that false religions in the name of Jesus have given us far more "truths" than post-modernism could even imagine.... we all know this statement to be true.

  4. I think you should heed your own words, Patrick. I see some pretty false ideas in what you have written on this site.
    Something about a log comes to mind...

  5. Speaking of education.....try this one on for size. It's called "basic math"....

    If the approve campaign has 84,074 more votes than the reject side....and there are about 179,000 votes to be counted and 79,000 are from King County.....and another 38,000 from counties also voting approve......what are the chances that reject will win??

    NONE....especially when some of the eastern counties (like Whitman) are only a 55-45 split.
    (And note that Pacific county is just barely voting reject)

  6. Gary: Since you have stated many times that this vote was about gay marriage, then I hope you have accepted the will of the people that they approve of gay marriage in this state.

    We have you to thank for this miracle. This is the first time in this country that voters have approved a law that gives same-sex couples all the rights of marriage. The true Christians in this state knew the Christian way to vote was Approve and this will in no way diminish their marriages.

  7. I'd like to thank Gary and Larry for showing us that SB 5668/Ref 71 reflects not the desires of arrogant elected officials or whims of unelected judges, but the will of the people! Thanks to the efforts of these two men, we now have a historic first, a statewide win at the ballot box of rights of same-sex couples!

    Thank you so much for your efforts, both financial and personal. The people have now spoken and it is the views of FFN that are out of step with the mainstream.

  8. Pierce County Saturday results for 50,000 ballots counted came in about 90 minutes ago.

    The approve campaign made up a little ground within the county but the Pierce County still rejects it overall.

    But now approve leads by 5.12%. And over half the ballots still to be counted are from King.

  9. FYI, the approve side one the majority of votes in Spokane.

  10. Anon 9:14

    You have shown rare and godly insight...

    Perhaps Gary was doing the work of God after all.

  11. Anon 10:09

    I am willing to take your admonition - BUT not anonymously nor without specifics.

    Right now you are simply an accuser of the brethern - and we know who the Father of that spirit is.

    I am waiting for specific dialogue.


  12. Patrick, God also stated that 'to man, God's ways appear foolish!'
    To us workers of R-71, we may appear foolish to you , but not to us! God is in control, in spite of us, but he also punishes us when we don't obey. Some of us fear for our country, now that many refuse to honor God's ways! Having single, same sex people to want to 'marry', is a big issue to us, as it's contrary to how God has set up families, with one man/one women authentic marriages! Our prayers will continue for those who are caught up in this lifestlye, as even though we 'lost' this R-71, our love and prayers will remain with them, as we have had all along--no hate--just love and prayers!

  13. 7:35 anon:

    Do you think that possibly you (and the reject 71 side) are the ones who aren't obeying? I find it surprising how many people claim with 100% certainty that God supports their interpretation and of the Bible, without even considering that they might be wrong. Your interpretation is important for how you live your life, but other peoples' interpretations have just as much potential to be the "correct" one.

    And by the way, it's not "single" same sex people who want to marry, it's monogamously-coupled same sex people who want to marry. Same sex relationships are always going to exist; encouraging them to be monogamous and strengthening them is something that would benefit all of society.

    The prayers you send to those "caught up in this lifestyle", should not be that they somehow stop being gay, rather it should just be asking God that His will be done. Not your will, but His will, and let Him take care of the rest.

  14. Anon 7:35

    May I respectfully admonish you to read ICor5:12,13. While your ethics may in fact be godly, your desire to oppress and hurt - yes, that is hatred - because we don't oppress and hurt that which we love - is not godly.

    Jesus never gave you the position of God over the world - you have arrogantly taken it upon yourself. Further, on a civic level, you have arrogantly attempted to trample those tax paying citizens who should have every single right as any other tax paying citizen - that is justice.

    BTW - God's ways are not foolish to me - I rejoice in God's ways. Your ways - that are contrary to God in your seeking to exalt yourself to God's position are not just foolish but are idolatrous. I adjure in the name of Jesus Christ to put away your idoloatry and submit your heart to the Lord to let Him and Him alone judge the world.


  15. patrick, what do you do with the statement that God made, that it's a abomination to Him with a man with a man/women to women? Can't be plainer that that--God's disgust with this lifestlye!

  16. Anon 11:31

    You are correct - NOW LET GOD BE JUDGE AS HE PURPOSES AND STATES (ICor5:12,13 - BTW - did you even bother to read the text????) - and stop your idolatrous behavior by usurping HIS POSITION.

    Your judgement in terms of enforceable rules is to begin and end at the church door.

    Therefore, you are callled to repent and purify your hands from this blasphemy that these profiteers are using you for. Could that be any more clear???


  17. The Washington State Potato Commission and the Washington Asparagus Commission recently held a fundraiser for U.S. Senator Patty Murray in Richland, Washington on November 12, 2009.

    The purpose of the fundraiser was to thank and reward Senator Patty Murray for the millions of dollars in potato and asparagus research appropriations and earmarks that the Senator has secured for the Washington State potato and asparagus industries over the past several years.

    During the November 12th fundraiser, representatives from Washington State Potato Commission and Washington Asparagus Commission indicated that they would continue to raise money for and support Senator Patty Murray if she continues to bring home the earmarks for them.

    The fundraiser was attended by 25 representatives of the Washington potato and asparagus industries.


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