Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rob McKenna--Confusion Over Same-Sex Marriage

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There seems to be some confusion over what Rob McKenna believes and does not believe about same-sex marriage.

Last week, Democratic Party Chairman Dwight Pelz sent out an email that read, "Rob McKenna believes that same-sex couples don't deserve equal rights. In fact, he has fought to preserve discrimination in state law and has even gone so far as to equate marriage equality to polygamy and incest."

So the Attorney General believes that redefining marriage is a slippery slope.

I agree.

But wait.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrity Chooses To Be Gay

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KOMO News is reporting that Cynthia Nixon, well known for her role in the television series "Sex and the City," has chosen to become gay.

Nixon told the New York Times Magazine that after being married to a man for 15 years and having two children, she has decided to become gay. She told the magazine, "It was a conscious choice."

"For me its a choice and you don't get to define my gayness for me," she told her detractors.

And there are many detractors. To say the homosexual community is upset at her would be an understatement. They are very upset, because this strikes at the very heart of their premise in demanding "civil rights" and so-called "marriage equality". As former Republican Washington State Senator Dale Brandland said from the floor during the "everything but marriage" bill debate a couple of years ago, "They're born that way, they can't help it."

Wayne Besen, whose organization is singularly committed to debunking people and organizations who claim homosexuals can be cured or delivered from their behavior, is livid.

He and others have tried to "help" Nixon understand her feelings by diagnosing her as "bi-sexual."

"No," Nixon says, "I am not bi-sexual." I have decided to be gay.

Keeping the homosexual agenda and talking points on track is difficult---like the saying "as hard as herding cats," because it is based entirely on the premise of "civil rights" and "equality".

The problem they have is that sexual behavior is not equivalent to ethnicity and there is not one shred of science that affirms that homosexual behavior is genetic, or "born that way."

Besen's organization is called "Truth Wins Out." Perhaps he and others should take a moment, push back and take an honest look at the Truth. It sets people free.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Survey On Marriage In Washington

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The National Organization for Marriage has just completed a new survey on marriage in Washington State. After surveying 400 voters, they found there is not nearly as much support to redefine marriage as we are being told by the Governor, some lawmakers and the press. In fact, their survey found Washington voters do not support redefining marriage. Analyze this.

I have included a couple more responses from lawmakers to their constituents.

But first, a couple of things happening now in Olympia.

As you know both the Senate and the House bills to redefine marriage were heard this week. Thank you again to all who attended the hearings. It was great to see you standing for marriage---literally in the hallways.

The Senate committee had an executive session yesterday to discuss SB 6239. As expected, they voted it out of committee, thus setting up a vote on the Senate floor. The Senate also rejected an amendment that would have referred it to the people for a vote. Proponents of redefining marriage do not want the people to decide.

The House committee will have their executive session on their marriage bill HB 2516 this coming Monday. We will keep you updated.

With the continued deterioration of public education, I think it is not only important to address the mess in public education, but to also support the Washington State Home School Network.

I strongly encourage you to stand with these parents and their children. I believe in them and in what they are doing. I have linked their website above. Go to the site and contact DiAnna Weatherbee Brannon and see how you can help.

They have their annual Homeschool Day At The Capitol coming up on February 8. You may want to register and be a part of that.

Here are more personal responses from lawmakers, as they respond to their constituents, who happen to be our friends:

Response from Sen. Rodney Tom

Thank you so much for writing with regards to the governor's proposal legalizing same sex marriages here in Washington State. I understand your opposition because I have a father whose position aligns more closely with yours than it does with mine. I think the take away value we all should share is that sometimes good people on both sides of an issue are simply going to disagree. I'm sure that will be the case on this matter.

Throughout my ten years here in the legislature I have consistently supported domestic partnerships and the rights of those in our gay and lesbian community. If the bill comes before us, I will be voting in favor of granting same sex couples the right to marry. Civil rights are a two-way street. This is why the proposal, as it has been described by the governor, would include numerous exemptions for religious organizations and clergy, allowing them to continue to exercise their religious freedoms.

I especially think in this economic environment we all need to work together to move our economy forward and create the kind of high tech jobs that form the basis of our dwindling middle class. The high tech sector is a prime example of why granting these rights is important for Washington's economy. Companies like Google and Microsoft would not be able to hire some of their best and brightest employees if they themselves did not make sure same sex couples did not have the same benefits and healthcare as their heterosexual colleagues.

I know this is a very personal issue for many people and the passions run high. For me, although I will be voting for this legislation, my focus over these next several months will remain steadfast on creating a budget that not only balances this year, but delivers long term sustainability so that we can get off the roller coaster of promising one thing, yet always facing the next legislative session with a deficit.

Again I thank you for your involvement and voicing your opinion. It's a critical component to the democratic process.

think Peace!

Rodney Tom
State Senator
p 360.786.7694
o 800.562.6000 hotline
e rodney.tom@leg.wa.gov
w http://www.sdc.wa.gov/senators/tom/

And this is an exchange between Rep. Sherry Appleton and an informed constituent who opposes redefining marriage:

From: Appleton, Rep. Sherry
Subject: RE: Opposed to redefinition of marriage


This legislation has nothing to do with religious marriage, I would be very opposed to it if it were. This is about "civil legal marriage" and here are the reasons: 1,044 tax laws are specifically defined in federal law for "married couples" - not domestic partnerships, et al.

I have always felt that if someone is part of our democracy, pays taxes, that they should be allowed all the rights and privileges that all of us are entitled to. In our society in this day and age, love is so hard to come by. I think love is a beautiful and enduring emotion between two people and it matters not to me what the person's sexual orientation might be.

We won't agree on this, but I just wanted to let you know why I support this bill. Thank you for writing.

Sherry V. Appleton
Representative, 23rd Legislative District, Pos. 1
Vice-Chair, State Government and Tribal Affairs
Vice-Chair, Health and Human Services Appropriations
Legislative Bldg. 132F P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504
(360) 786-7934

Executive Legislative Assistant : Donna Bezon bezon_do@leg.wa.gov
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety".
Ben Franklin

And here is the constituent's response to her response:

To: " Rep. SherryAppleton"
Cc: bezon_do@leg.wa.gov

Response to your points:

1. Of course this will attempt to mandate change to religious holdings, it will be against the law to not recognize a "married" couple for services rendered by religious organizations, for employment, etc.

2. We are discussing State law, not Federal Tax law, I do not see how your conclusion in this regards bears relevance.

3. On this point you are correct, we do disagree. Love alone does not equate rationale for marriage. I will be sure to reflect this disagreement at the next election.

Thank you for your response,


Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Problem With The Secular Progressive Movement

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While hailing the fact that they are making "progress," the Progressive Movement is often progressing in the wrong direction. A direction that most often diminishes the sanctity of life, family, marriage, human dignity, personal freedoms and even national fiscal solvency.

Activists in Washington State are hailing "progress" as they move closer to redefining marriage. And they are making "progress."

But is "progress" always good?

Let's take a quick look at the Progressive Movement and review where it has taken us.

Many point to H.G. Wells as the father of the modern progressive movement in America.

A devotee of Darwinism, his primary mission was to, "reassign human beings from the spiritual to the natural world." He said, "People of quality must be ascendant, not democratic---Idiots, drunkards, criminals, lunatics, invalids and diseased will spoil the world for others."

John Dewey was the most influential so-called "progressive reformer" of public education since its thriving launch by Noah Webster. Dewey's 20th Century assault on public education, inserted his own atheism, hi-jacking education as Webster had envisioned it, transforming it into a petri dish for social experimentation. Dewey replaced Webster's time honored, biblical principles that had caused America to lead the world in education with secular progressivism---no absolutes---no consistent right or wrong---no accountability and no higher authority than one's own beliefs at any given time. No absolute truth.

Today America is not even close to leading in education.

And the progressives called that "progress."

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was another prominent progressive.

Her personal legacy includes statements such as, "More children from the fit---less from the unfit---that is the chief aim of birth control."

On the extermination of Blacks she said, "We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population if it even occurs to any of the more rebellious members."

The goal of eugenicists? "To prevent the multiplication of bad stocks," (Dr. Ernst Rudin, April 1933, Birth Control Review) Sanger was the editor.

The result of Sanger's activism? Planned Parenthood with abortion centers in primarily poor Black neighborhoods. Centers that are heavily funded with taxpayer dollars. An organization that leads the abortion business, which has killed over 50 million babies in the name of "choice."

And the progressives called that "progress."

The more recent champion of the Progressive Movement was Saul Alinsky, the father of what is called community organizing.

Alinsky made many bold and radical statements, probably the best known and often quoted was, "Lest we forget, at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: from our legends, mythology, and history; the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he got his own kingdom---Lucifer."

Another Alinsky statement: "Taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so fruitless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future."

This and his other teaching has given us ACORN and a President who is terribly out of touch with what America is really about.

And the progressives call it progress.

Aldous Huxley saw the end of so-called secular progressive pathways. In 1932 he wrote in his famous Brave New World, "All members of society are conditioned in childhood to hold the values that the World State idealizes."

In 1949 he wrote that if progressives prevail, sometime in the future, "I believe that the world's leaders will discover that infant conditioning and naro-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government than clubs and prisons..."

This defines the modern day secular progressive movement and their co-opting of traditional values and absolute Truth.

Gov. Gregoire has admitted she was personally and spiritually conflicted about her support for redefining marriage. Other Legislators have also admitted personal conflict, but have now come out in support of homosexual marriage in the name of social "progress." Their desire to create "progress" has caused them to turn from their church and the biblical teaching of their youth. And their own conscience.

Think about this: C.S. Lewis said, "We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive."

We are on the wrong road toward redefining marriage.

The ancient prophet Jeremiah told the people, "This is what the Lord says: ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, 'We will not walk in it' I appointed watchmen over you and said, 'Listen to the sound of the trumpet' But you said, 'We will not listen'...disaster came because they did not listen to the ancient words of wisdom and they rejected His law." Jeremiah 6: 16-19.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New "Sex Development" Film Being Previewed In Schools Now

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A new so-called "sex development" film called, "What Do You Know? Six To Twelve Year Olds Talk About Gay Men And Lesbians," is being presented through the "Welcoming Schools" program in a number of cities, including Spokane, Washington.

While the Washington State Legislature inches closer to redefining marriage, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) the biggest homosexual advocacy organization in the country is introducing and advancing a new film intended to open conversation about homosexuality with young kids in the classroom. And ultimately, fundamentally change sex education in public schools. This is one more step in a process already under way.

The "Welcoming Schools" website says it is "currently being used in Welcoming Schools trainings across the country and playing in film festivals in Mobile, Alabama, Spokane, Washington and Barcelona, Spain."

The Welcoming Schools homepage says that it is "a LGBT-inclusive approach to addressing family diversity, gender stereotyping and bullying and name calling in K-5 learning environments."

The introduction film features kids from Massachusetts and Alabama discussing what they know about gay men and lesbians, wearing T-shirts with slogans like "Got Moms?" and "Tough Guys Wear Pink."

I am personally very concerned about this and encourage every parent and grandparent to look into it.

The new film is advanced on an old and familiar premise---have a conversation about the topic. Introduce the questions then provide the answers. All under the guise of "dialog" and "educating".


CNS NEWS has written an article on this with more information. Please take a moment to read it. I would further suggest you be aware and read other sources as well.

Each time the homosexual agenda is advanced, it accelerates this kind of information into the classroom because redefining marriage also redefines fundamental beliefs about parents, gender and the family.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hearings, Votes And Confessions

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It was great to see so many of you at the marriage hearings yesterday in Olympia. Thank you for coming. Senator Dan Swecker told me that although the testimonies were very well presented, and they were, the numbers of people attending the hearings is even a stronger voice. The hearing room was filled with several other overflow rooms filled as well. The majority of those attending were people who support and defend marriage.

While good people testified in regard to their deeply held feelings and beliefs about marriage and their concerns about the marriage bill, another well timed, choreographed drama entered stage left.

Immediately following the hearings, Senator Mary Margararet Haugen, D-Camano Island called a press conference to announce that she had decided to vote for redefining marriage.

Sen. Haugen told the press she had taken time to "sort out for myself, to reconcile my religious beliefs as an American, as a Legislator, and as a wife and mother who cannot deny others the joys and benefits I enjoy." She confessed it had taken her a long time to get to the point of supporting the effort to redefine marriage.

In pledging her vote for homosexual "marriage," she became the 25th vote, becoming the deciding vote for the Senate to pass the bill probably sometime next week.

I'm wondering how Sen. Haugen will deal with other special interest groups who will now also demand marriage? What about polygamists and other groupings of people who also claim to be in love and have long term relationships? Will she discriminate against them and deny them the "joys and benefits" she enjoys?

Haugen said she voted in favor of homosexual "marriage" because of her Christian faith. She also said she would prefer that this issue be referred to the people for a vote, but didn't think the legislature would approve referring it to the people.

We'll see.

Here's the next step.

When this bill comes to the floor, there will be an amendment introduced by a senator to refer the matter to the voters. A number of legislators have said they would prefer to see this happen. Will they cave in to Gov. Gregoire, Sen. Ed Murray, Rep. Jamie Pedersen and others who are pressuring lawmakers not to send it to the people?

If the Legislature refuses to refer this issue to the people, then we will begin a referendum or initiative.

I cannot overstate the importance of your support at this time.

This is likely the most defining moral and cultural decision ever made by the Washington State Legislature. The next generation will be left to explain and endure the consequences of this decision should it be allowed to stand.

Just as Sen. Murray has incrementally laid the groundwork over the past 20 years, proclaiming his bills to be about fairness and tolerance, not about redefining marriage, he and others have also laid the groundwork to fundamentally transform what your child will be taught in public school regarding sexuality, homosexuality, family, gender, mother-father relationships and human relationships. Your child will be taught, under the guise of "bullying" education, that homosexual behavior is normal and those who do not affirm it are bigots and intolerant.

This prize piece of the homosexual agenda for the state will advance the "questioning" aspect of the LGBTQ agenda. This is a morally devastating decision, with reprehensive consequences.

Again, I cannot overstate the importance of your support at this time. We will do everything we can do with God's help and your support because I believe we are called to stand against the moral decline in the culture and for righteousness. And together we must seek God's blessing and favor. This is not a political battle. It is a spiritual one.

Thank you for standing with us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Activists Attempt To Co-Opt MLK--Again

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In their ongoing attempt to mislead on a number of fronts, homosexual activists are once again trying to co-opt Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and make him one of their own; claiming equality with the civil rights struggle of African Americans.

Michael Long's soon to be released book, "Keeping It Straight?" says MLK would have been an advocate for homosexual "marriage."

Dr. King's own daughter has repeatedly said her father saw homosexuality as a "problem," not something to be advanced, affirmed or advocated.

The Christian Post looked into this. Here's what they found:

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of The Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, told The Christian Post that in studying King's speeches, he could not conceive the civil rights leader heading a gay rights movement.

"King was a man sent by God to do His will and there is no way that you can have that type of relationship with God and accept wrong as right," Peterson told CP. "In the scriptures it says that homosexuality is an abomination against God."

However, the author of the controversial new book, Long, has decided to assert that King would have been a gay activist.

"Dr. King never publicly welcomed gays at the front gate of his beloved community. But he did leave behind a key for them - his belief that each person is sacred, free and equal to all to others," Long said, attempting to infer that universal freedom and equality would equate to an acceptance of homosexuality.

In a CNN report, the author recently highlighted a 1958 letter published in Ebony magazine. In the letter, King responded to an anonymous boy who was confused about his homosexuality.

"I am a boy," the anonymous person wrote. "But I feel about boys the way I ought to feel about girls. I don't want my parents to know about me. What can I do?"

King, responded to the boy by calling his feelings toward the same gender a "problem," but stating that he could find a "solution."

Those advocating to redefine marriage in the legislative hearings today in Olympia will bring children and stories to the mic in their testimonies. Many claims will be made in the effort to redefine marriage. Promises of religious or "conscience" exemptions will be assured for those and their churches in what Rep. Jamie Pedersen calls the "dwindling minority." Appeals for so-called equality and fairness will ring across the Capitol Campus and the halls of Washington State government today.

Civil rights-human rights-fairness-equality will be the demands of the day. Those advocating to redefine marriage and those who are following them with their vote will claim a "badge of courage" for their actions, while the media rushes to their presses and microphones to quickly affirm it all in a hundred creative ways.

Not to worry that these marriage bills actually advocate for "special rights" not equal rights. Their version of "marriage" is still discriminatory. Many groupings of people will be required to further revise "marriage" in order to discover their own "marriage equality." And the precedent will be set.

Should these people prevail, religious freedoms will be eroded and undermined. Biblical churches will be called out on their advocacy for and practice of Scriptural teaching on homosexuality. It's only a matter of where. And who will be targeted first.

Lost to many in the public, will be the truth that same-sex "marriage" advocates, who already have the benefits of marriage, see the word "marriage" as an affirmation to the lifestyle that has been condemned by every major religion and every successful civilization in the past 5000 years.

Should these bills pass, we will seek to repeal them.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Recent Actions Regarding Marriage In WA State

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Remember Monday is the hearing on SB 6239 in Olympia. Please plan to attend if possible--10 AM to noon.

Here are some of the responses from lawmakers to constituents who write to them expressing their opposition to redefining marriage. Thank you to our readers who forwarded these and other responses. I chose two responses that reflect, generally, the thinking of those wanting to redefine marriage:

From: Hansen, Rep. Drew
Subject: RE: Opposed to redefinition of marriage>
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2012, 2:49 PM

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A State Of Moral Vertigo

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ver·ti·go (vûr t -g ). n. pl. ver·ti·goes or ver·ti·gos. 1. a. The sensation of dizziness. b . An instance of such a sensation. 2. A confused, disoriented state of mind.

*A Confused, Disoriented state of Mind.

There is a voice, some say it is a prevailing voice in the state that says "This is the right time" politically, to redefine the oldest human cultural component. The building block of every successful society in history: The union between a man and a woman. Marriage.

The talking points are pretty much the same. The Governor, the homosexual activist legislators, the press, the homosexual community and a few church leaders, with one voice, call for the redefinition of marriage, citing long term loving relationships, fairness and equality as the reasons.

Those who oppose are challenged, mocked and marginalized by the voice. They are said to be out of touch.

Gov. Gregoire has recently conceded that she has suffered a "grieving" process, and found herself conflicted between her faith and the push to redefine marriage. She said it took her 7 years to decide what she believes about marriage and 3 months to write her explanation.

Joel Connelly, a long time columnist for the Seattle PI, wrote earlier this week that the opposition by his church---the Catholic Church, toward redefining marriage left him "perplexed," asking, "is marriage only for procreation?" And he agrees with homosexual Senator Ed Murray who told the press his church's position is "hurtful" and is a "contradiction."

A contradiction of what? Of whom?

Connelly explains it is a contradiction of Jesus. "Jesus" he says, quoting Justin Cannon, "Befriended those who were marginalized because he knew it was only in the security of loving, unconditional relationships that hearts and lives are healed."

Of his church leaders he says, "These guys are losing touch, and costing the church credibility."

The problem with Justin Cannon is that he is out of touch with the truth. Jesus actually taught that it is in a relationship with Him, the Son of God, that broken people are healed.

The Bible clearly teaches that homosexual behavior is sin and that same-sex relations can never equal "marriage." My blog titled, "What is Marriage. Why Should We Defend It?" gives verse references to the biblical teaching on homosexual behavior, the blessing on heterosexual relationships in marriage and Jesus' confirmation of that truth.

Indeed, Jesus befriended the down trodden and marginalized, offering restoration and redemption. His path to completeness, however, was not to affirm the sin, but to identify the sin and then empower people to "go and sin no more" through His wonder working power of redemption and restoration. Jesus was never about affirming sin, to prove His love or to "relate" to those in need. His love transcends the need to do that.

Vertigo is a Latin term- "vertere"- which means "to turn."

Eliminating God from one's thinking, His Truth from one's belief, causes a person to turn to other sources for guidance. When there is no fixed point of reference---absolute moral truth--- life becomes confusing and conflicted. Depressing.

Moral vertigo.

With the elimination of God and His eternal truth, we can only turn to a belief system that is sited on the sinking sand of secular, humanistic moral relativism.

This results in a state of moral vertigo. Dizziness. Stumbling. Staggering out of control. Confusion of the mind, conflict of the heart, and a crumbling culture. And broken people.

Gov. Gregoire has explained she moved away from her faith in regard to marriage in incremental steps.

Connelly and Sen. Ed Murray found the biblical position on marriage "hurtful" and "contradictory." Contradictory to what?

Moral relativism.

Connelly's defense of redefining marriage comes down to this: "Follow Jesus. Don't act on your fears. Render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's."

But marriage was created by God in creation and predates all civil government. Civil governments later recognized the irreplaceable value of marriage as defined by God and took steps to protect, honor and reward it.

Caesar didn't come up with the idea of marriage. God did.

Hearing loss is most always associated with vertigo.

Moments before Jesus Christ was executed, a conflicted Pilate turned toward Him and infamously asked, "What is Truth?"

Pilate never heard the truth, but billions of other people have heard Him. And followed Him and His teaching.

Who will the citizens hear? Who will the Legislators hear? Who will have an ear to hear?

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gov. Gregoire: "Agenda Was Set Aside"

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Remember the Senate hearing on marriage bill---SB 6239--- is Monday, January 23, 10 AM to Noon. Please plan to attend if at all possible.

Governor Gregoire told Nicole Brodeur at the Seattle Times, "My agenda really was just set aside."

How so?

"You're told, 'always stay focused, always stay on your agenda'. That works on little bumps," Gregoire told Brodeur, "it doesn't work when you're overtaken by a tsunami economic crises like we have been."

Has the Governor simply given up? Is this related to why the Senate Ways and Means Committee canceled or rescheduled 4 important budget meetings this week to work on the redefining of marriage? Is it in the void of failure that the Governor has turned to a substitute agenda? Some believe it is.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Domestic Partners Seek To Hide Their Names From The Public

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Bills have been introduced in both the State House and Senate that if passed, will create a confidentiality program under which domestic partners will be able to hide their names and address from public disclosure.

What am I missing here? Am I mis-reading these bills?

And some of the sponsors are those, who along with Sec. Reed and Attorney General McKenna, fought to disclose the names and addresses of all those who signed Referendum 71 petitions---and prevailed. And now all the names have been published on several websites.



Check out SB 6213 and HB 2385. Notice the sponsors.

The argument? "This is different." Full disclosure is actually, "selective disclosure."

Where is the high browed disgust from Sec.--"The people need to know, I represent the people," Reed? And will A/G McKenna and his people look into this violation of disclosure if the bills should pass?

Why should the names and addresses of domestic partnerships be exempt from public access? Marriage licenses are not.

Special rights.

In the world of so-called "sexual orientation" and "equality," things are most often not as they seem.

While we are trying to defend marriage, yet another little secret is being advanced.

While the priority is on the defense of marriage, please take an extra moment and call your Representative and Senator and tell them you oppose these 2 bills.

It causes one to wonder what else is happening in the shadows of " disclosure" and "equality"?

Also. Today is March For Life Day at the Capitol in Olympia. For more than 30 years pro-life citizens have gathered publicly on behalf of the sanctity of life. Thousands will attend today's event. They will gather on the Capitol steps from noon to 1:30, then attend prayer vigils and call on law makers on behalf of life. We encourage all who can do so to attend.

Note from March for Life: 1/16/2012 UPDATE -- The March for Life is ON for January 17, at the Capitol! We know the weather may present some challenges, but it will not keep us away. We'll gather again, as we have for the past 33 years. Bundle up and drive safely. We can't wait to see you there!

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK, Ken Hutcherson And The Battle To Defend Marriage

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As America celebrates Martin Luther King today, I thought it would be appropriate to share a clip from Fox Q-13 news of an interview with Pastor Ken Hutcherson this past week.

The interview was about the campaign to re-define marriage in the state. During the interview, the news anchors brought up one of the homosexual's talking points which relates the civil rights struggle of Martin Luther King's time and beyond, to the homosexual agenda and their demands of today.

Ken did an excellent job of straightening them out on that and other points. Take a look at it.

Also, Gov. Gregoire's bill now has a number. It is SB 6239. She has been circulating it among law makers asking them to sign on in advance. I have linked the bill, you may want to read it. You may also want to take a look at which legislators have signed on as co-sponsors.

Gregoire's bill was posted online Friday, which probably means she will introduce it today. MLK Day.

The campaign to re-define marriage is not only trying to co-opt marriage itself but also the struggle for true civil rights by the African American community.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gov Gregoire Admits She's Morally Conflicted

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The Olympian editorial board was wondering out loud yesterday if the Governor's effort to pass a same-sex marriage bill will cause lawmakers to "be so distracted by the contentious issue that they let it divert them from their primary purpose---balancing the budget."

However, there was a more poignant back story in their comments. A story of a woman's conflict with her faith, her responsibilities of leadership and what she has accepted as "equality."

She told the press earlier this week, "I have been on my own journey, I'll admit that."

The Olympian pointed out that the Governor's new found position on marriage is in clear conflict with her church---the Catholic church and its bishops in Washington State.

Greg Magnoni, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, also said this week his church would be "looking for the Legislature to uphold the current legal definition of marriage as between a man and a woman." The position of the Catholic Church is clear.

The Governor admits she has struggled with the marriage issue for the past 7 years.

In defending her new found position she told the press, "This is about my personal faith. I came to understand my religion is one thing, but as governor of the state and as a human being, I believe in equality."

It is indeed conflicting to believe something and act in opposition to that belief.

While the Governor crossed the threshold on the sanctity of life and became an advocate for abortion some time ago, she has remained conflicted on marriage. Believing one thing while doing something else is always difficult.

It is written that double minded people become unstable in all their ways.

But how does the idea of "equality" and "fairness" square with her position on abortion. Doesn't the baby in the womb have a right to live---equal to the right of other children whose mothers chose not to kill them?

And does legalizing same-sex "marriage" really create equality? What about polygamous groups who love each other and have long term relationships? What about closely related couples, brother and sister, father and daughter, first cousins, etc? What about their equality and fairness?

Marriage was not created on the basis of equality or fairness. It was created as a relationship between a man and a woman for much greater purposes and every major religion and every successful civilization has recognized its importance and rewarded and honored its existence. Until now.

Re-defining marriage is not an act of equality. It's an act of conferring "special rights" to a certain group because of political pressure.

Can a culture be morally neutral? Can religion and morality be one thing while actions something else?

It is written that a double minded man or woman is unstable in all their ways. Being morally conflicted is difficult.

Scripture teaches that for those who know to do right and not do so, is sin. Sin can be conflicting. It is possible, but very emotionally and spiritually challenging to have been taught the truth, then to walk away from it.

It is also emotionally and spiritually conflicting to say you believe something, then advocate against it, while washing your hands of the consequences. Pilate discovered that truth.

I pray that the Governor will reconsider the teaching in her home and her church when she was a child. And rediscover the truth. And be free.

And not sacrifice the sanctity of marriage on the illusion of equality.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Republican Sen. Cheryl Pflug Comes "Out" for Homosexual Marriage

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Now Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug has come out for homosexual "marriage"---redefining marriage.

Her support for the homosexual campaign stands in stark contrast to her staff's indignant comments to me after I wrote a blog about her breaking ranks with her Republican colleagues and voting for Sen. Ed Murray's "everything but marriage" domestic partnership bill just 2 years ago.

The same day my comments were published I was contacted and told I was unfairly casting the Senator as pro-gay marriage, etc.

The following day I received several contacts from pro-life leaders in the state, telling me Ms. Pflug was on our side on the social issues, I had been unfair to her in my comments.

Her office explained to those who questioned her vote that she felt gays, "deserved domestic partnerships, but she did not support gay marriage."

So how does the Senator who was elected in part by social conservatives and Christians really feel?

"I have been a longtime supporter of equality, I do not feel diminished by having another human experience the same freedom I am entitled to exercise. I would feel diminished by denying another human the ability to exercise those same rights and freedoms."

And how does the Seattle Times feel about her new found convictions?

"Pflug's bold stance helps a lot. Three cheers for Pflug for demonstrating courage and leadership."

While Rome burns, 3 elected Republicans run onto the Coliseum field to the cheers of the press and the smirk of the far left, social progressives.

The cheer for Republican Sen. Steve Litzow: "A profile in courage."

The cheer for Republican King Co. Councilman Reagan Dunn, who is running for McKenna's A/G office: "Courageous."

The cheer for Republican Sen. Cheryl Pflug: "Courage and leadership." Oh, and "helpful."

We know what the 3 champions think. And certainly know what the Seattle Times and most other "news" organizations think.

But what do you think? And what does God think? His thoughts on human sexuality and marriage have been written down and are quite clear. We wrote about that earlier this week.

Fellow Christians, conservatives and Republicans: It's time for some prayerful thought and moral re-evaluation of our actions. Do you really want to continue to be used by so-called "moderates" at the ballot box and then thrown under the bus on the social issues that are most important to us?

God help us.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Republican Reagan Dunn Supports Homosexual "Marriage"

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We Published The Following Alert Yesterday Afternoon:

Senator Dan Swecker's office just called and told me the hearing on the marriage bill has been scheduled for January 23 from 10 AM to 12 PM. The bill has not yet received a number. We will let you know on that.

The hearing will be held by the Government Operations Committee in the John A. Cherberg Building--Hearing Room 2.

We are asking for 10,000 people to show up for the hearing. More details will follow.


Another Republican has abandoned the basic principles of the Republican Party platform, which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman, saying that there is no question the voters will approve homosexual "marriage" and voter approval will give the homosexual community "more legitimacy and authority moving forward."

The Seattle Times is reporting that the King County Council has voted to support homosexual "marriage."

The vote was 8-1, with only Kathy Lambert voting no.

The sad news is that Republican Reagan Dunn, who succeeded Rob McKenna on the King County Council, has come out strongly in support of re-defining marriage.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Is Marriage? Why Defend It?

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As marriage is being dragged to the altar of sacrifice by Governor Gregoire, Senator Ed Murray and other homosexual activists who seek to redefine it, it is essential for those of us who defend it, to understand why we do what we do. And what it is that we are defending.

I will be sharing several columns over the next few weeks, intended to help us understand what marriage actually is and what it is not. I will be referencing some of the most brilliant Christian biblical scholars in the world.

Our understanding of Scripture is at the heart of understanding marriage. Marriage pre-dates civil governments. Civil governments have sought to encourage natural marriage because of its inherent value to society. Marriage is not an institution created by government. Nor is it an institution that government has the right to re-define or use for social experimentation.

There are 4 main biblical references which refer to homosexuality. All are negative.

1. The story of Sodom-Genesis 19: 1-13 and a related reference to Gibeah in Judges 19.

2. The Levitical texts-Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.

3. Paul's definition of a depraved pagan culture in Romans 1: 18-32.

4. Paul's two lists of sinners in I Corinthians 6: 9-10 and I Timothy 1: 8-11.

Homosexual activists, including some pastors within the church, have redefined and attempted to marginalize these passages of Scripture as relating to something other than homosexual behavior, while working to advance an agenda based of "loving long term relationships" and "fairness and equality."

President Obama has referred to the passages of Scripture in Romans as "obscure."

Activists and some church leaders are teaching that Sodom and Gibeah was related to violations of hospitality, Leviticus is about cultural taboos, Romans is about shameless sexual orgies and I Corinthians and I Timothy is about male prostitution or the corruption of the young.

This is false teaching.

Their conclusion is that the Bible does not condemn loving long term, committed relations between homosexuals, therefore, marriage must be redefined in the name of social justice, civil rights, equality and fairness. And this is essentially the message that Gregoire, some pastors and other heterosexuals are putting forward on behalf of homosexual activists.

However, the Christian rejection of homosexual behavior and so-called homosexual "marriage" does not rest on these Scriptures alone, but on a much broader understanding and the positive teaching in Genesis 1 and 2 about human sexuality and heterosexual marriage.

The late Dr. John Stott, an evangelical pastor and professor who helped shape the biblical understanding of evangelical Christianity worldwide, has addressed this very subject in a very concise, easy to understand statement.

The following excerpt from his book, "Issues Facing Christians Today," specifically speaks to Heterosexual Gender, Heterosexual Marriage and Heterosexual Fidelity.

As a biblical Christian ready to stand for marriage in Washington State or elsewhere, please take a moment and be informed. Also, please forward this to friends, family and those with whom you attend church.

Dr. John Stott
The following is an excerpt from his book, "Issues Facing Christians Today".

Personal note: Dr. Stott passed away this past summer. He was 90 years old.

"Heterosexual Gender: A Divine Creation
Firstly, the human need for companionship. 'It is not good for the man to be alone' (Genesis 2:18). True, this assertion was later qualified when the apostle Paul (surely echoing Genesis) wrote: 'It is good for a man not to marry' (1 Corinthians 7:1). That is to say, although marriage is the good institution of God, the call of God, the call to singleness is also the good vocation of some. Nevertheless, as a general rule, 'It is not good for the man to be alone.' God has created us social beings. Since he is love, and has made us in his own likeness, he has given us a capacity to love and be loved. He intends us to live in community, not in solitude. In particular, God continued, 'I will make a helper suitable for him.' Moreover, this 'helper,' or companion, whom God pronounced 'suitable for him,' was also to be his sexual partner, with whom he has to become 'one flesh,' so that they might thereby both consummate their love and procreate their children.

Heterosexual Marriage: A Divine Institution
Having affirmed Adam’s need for a partner, the search for a suitable one began. The animals not being suitable as equal partners, a special work of divine creation took place. The sexes became differentiated. Out of the undifferentiated humanity of Adam, male and female emerged. Adam found a reflection of himself, a complement to himself, a very part of himself. Having created the woman out of the man, God brought her to him, much as today the bride’s father gives her away. And Adam broke spontaneously into history’s first love poem, saying that now at last there stood before him a creature of such beauty in herself and similarity to him that she appeared to be (as indeed she was) 'made for him':
This is now bone of my bones
And flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called 'woman',
for she was taken out of man.
-Genesis 2:23

There can be no doubting the emphasis of this story. According to Genesis 1, Eve, like Adam, was created in the image of God. But as to the manner of her creation, according to Genesis 2, she was made neither out of nothing (like the universe), nor out of 'the dust of the ground' (like Adam, v. 7) but out of Adam.

Heterosexual Fidelity: The Divine Intention
The third great truth of Genesis 2 concerns the resulting institution of marriage. Adams’ love poem is recorded in verse 23. … Even the inattentive reader will be struck by the three references to 'flesh': 'This is… flesh of my flesh… they will become one flesh'. We may be certain that this is deliberate, not accidental. It teaches that heterosexual intercourse in marriage is more than a union; it is a kind of reunion…. It is the union of two persons who originally were one, were then separated from each other, and now in the sexual encounter of marriage come together again…

It is of the utmost importance to note that Jesus himself later endorsed this Old Testament definition of marriage. In doing so, he both introduced it with words from Genesis 1:27 (that the Creator ‘made them male and female') and concluded it with his own comment ('so they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate' , Matthew 19:6) Here, then, are three truths which Jesus affirmed: (1) heterosexual gender is a divine creation; (2) heterosexual marriage is a divine institution; and (3) heterosexual fidelity is the divine intention. A homosexual liaison is a breach of all three of these divine purposes."

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

Thank you for your support of Faith and Freedom Foundation

Dr. John Stott was Rector Emeritus of All Souls Church, Langham Place in London. He founded John Stott Ministries, the US branch of Langham Partnership International, providing scholars with the materials and opportunities to learn and teach the Bible.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Republican Joins Gregoire to Redefine Marriage in WA

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State Senator Steve Litzow, R-Mercer Island, once endorsed by at least one evangelical pastor on the Eastside, has announced he will join the Governor, Sen. Ed Murray and others to advance the homosexual agenda of re-defining marriage in the state.

Not surprisingly, the Seattle Times is defining Republican Litzow as, "A profile in courage, a freshman lawmaker willing to act on conviction." The Times, of course, is urging other Republicans to join him.

This is a snapshot of what happens when good people vote for someone because he or she has an "R" after their name. Or declare they are voting for the "lessor of two evils." Remember, voting for the lessor of two evils is still voting for evil.

As the 2012 Legislative Session begins today in Olympia, the Governor will begin to act on her promise last Thursday to the press. We wrote about it in our blog on Friday.

Gregoire has committed herself to redefining marriage in Washington State this session. She told the press she will not only support the effort of Sen. Ed Murray and other homosexual activists, but would, herself, introduce the bill to do so and lead the charge, thus elevating the re-defining of marriage to the level, or above that of her multibillion dollar fiscal fiasco.

While the state looks to the Governor to lead it out of a financial free fall and cover the budget, she proclaims re-defining marriage a priority. You will recall that she led the crusade for the domestic partnership or "everything but marriage" legislation as well. But do you know how many have taken advantage of her "must have to create equality" legislation?

One fourth of one percent.

Now she wants to stick her finger in the eye of a million or more evangelical, Catholic and mainstream Christians in the state who believe marriage is between one man and one woman, excoriate 5000 years of social and spiritual understanding of marriage and its importance to civilized societies and redefine it.

A dangerous combination of elitism and historical and spiritual ignorance. Even her Pope disagrees with her.

I was told this weekend that the Governor also has additional action items to advance the re-defining of marriage.

But first, I want to thank all those who attended our speaking engagements this weekend. You inspired me. Your response was terrific. And welcome to all those who are newly subscribed to our daily blog and commentary.

Here's what to expect from the Governor.

The Governor, we believe, will introduce her bill to redefine marriage very early in the session---probably this week.

We will regularly update you as she introduces the bill and when the public hearing will be held. We will be asking at least 10,000 people to show up on the campus the day of the hearing. More specific details will follow in the next few days as information becomes available.

Governor Gregoire, I was told over the weekend by some in the Legislature, also plans to make a move to circumvent the state Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), much like President Obama has done, declaring DOMA to be unfair, discriminatory and unconstitutional---even though it is presently law in the state and was upheld by the State Supreme Court.

We will keep you informed.

Even the Seattle Times' Andrew Garber admitted yesterday that the Governor's actions are creating a volatile environment that will strain the ability of the Legislature to get the work of the state done in the allotted 60 days. He called it a "volatile mix of budget and social issues."


The faith based organizations and a number of legislators are together on this issue and we are ready for a concerted response in defense of marriage.

Please call your lawmakers and tell them you strongly oppose so-called "homosexual" marriage and ask them not to support it.

Please forward this information to as many as possible---family, friends, members of your church, etc.

And thank you for standing with us with your financial support.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

Friday, January 06, 2012

WA Legislature---A House Divided

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While Governor Gregoire's administration calls for more taxation to fix her economy---roughly $1 billion shortfall still remaining to be fixed, she has, with her call for homosexual "marriage," elevated re-defining marriage above the overwhelming economic challenges of the state.

Senate Republican Leader, Mike Hewitt, said yesterday that the debate she has signed on to is ill timed given the dire fiscal condition of the state. He also sees a conflict with Murray.

He told the press that the marriage debate will particularly create problems because Democratic budget negotiator Sen. Ed Murray is "vested in this personally."

Murray is a homosexual who, as a senator, has spent countless hours over the past several years laying the groundwork for this moment when he and others believe they can redefine marriage.

Hewitt said, "We should leave the social agenda off the Legislature this year. The last thing we need to do is to be down here in turmoil over social issues."

Indeed, there will be turmoil.

"Oh no," says Spokane's Democrat Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, "This is the right time to move forward with marriage equality."

Gregoire disputes Hewitt's concern, assuring the public that legislators are multitaskers. Capable of many things at once. This, of course, is how the Democrat controlled legislature has been so effective during Gregoire's term.

All this affirms that the homosexual agenda is more important to them and their allies than actual education in the public classroom, more important than religious freedom and more important than actually doing the work of the people at the Capitol.

Redefining marriage for 1/4 of 1% rather than focusing on the debilitating fiscal fiasco in Washington State.

The issue of re-defining marriage cuts much deeper than so-called "marriage equality." When attorney Steve Pidgeon told us in a meeting this week that only one fourth of one percent have taken advantage of the domestic partners law, it became clear that the DP law was not really just about equality.

Gregoire, Murray, Pederson and others moved mighty mountains to get the must have DP legislation passed.

While re-defining marriage will be wrapped in warm, soft wraps, with emotional human stories, it is much more than that.

Homosexual activists told the Associated Press at their "re-define marriage" kick off in Bellevue several weeks ago, "Yes, we have the benefits, but we want the name." "Why?" asked the AP reporter. "Having the name will help erase the stigma" of the behavior they said. And that's a quote.

We are encouraging you to call every lawmaker in the state and encourage everyone you know to do the same, however, there may be another action even more important.

Take a moment in the face of what will likely be the most fierce battle in the history of the state and ask yourself, "What do I believe? Why do I believe it? What is the basis of my belief?"

Do I merely attach my beliefs to the changing, relativist moral climate of our times or are there eternal, enduring principles and truths that I build my life upon?

Does a rebellious culture become my moral compass merely because they invert words and call good evil and evil good?

Am I conformed to that worldview or am I transformed by the renewing of my mind? Are there absolutes? Are some things right and some wrong---some sin and some not? What is the basis of my beliefs?

You will certainly face these issues in the coming days.

This issue of marriage will divide not only the Legislature, but the state, communities, churches and even families.

Abraham Lincoln reminded us that a nation divided cannot stand. One view will prevail, the other fail. Consequences will follow.

Take a moment this weekend. Consider the truth. "Then you will know the truth and the truth will make you free."

Be Vigilant. Be Convinced. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Governor Gregoire: "I Support Same-Sex Marriage"

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"It's time, it's the right thing to do, and I will introduce a bill to do it," Gov. Gregoire promised yesterday afternoon.

She told the press and the state, "I say this as a wife, a mother, a student of law, and above all as a Washingtonian with a life long commitment to equality and freedom."

Perhaps her commitment to freedom has lapsed or been misplaced, while the state has, under her direction, assaulted, through litigation, the freedom of the Stormans family to choose not to sell abortion pills in their Olympia area pharmacy.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Welcome to 2012

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As we begin this year together in a united effort to stand for and defend natural marriage, we can expect an assault not only on marriage, but on the people who publicly stand in its defense.

You remember, as I do, how Larry Stickney, Rep. Matt Shea, myself and others experienced the wrath of the press, the attacks of the homosexual activists and even public attacks from some leaders within the Christian community, during the R-71 effort.

Had R-71 succeeded, we would not be facing an all out campaign by Senator Ed Murray and others to redefine marriage in 2012. That was the last incremental step to what they believe will be a successful move to re-define marriage in Washington State.

That was then, this is now. Hopefully those Christian leaders who worked tirelessly to undermine R-71 will not do so again as we launch a united effort in defense of marriage.

When 2012 comes to its end, homosexual activists will have either re-defined marriage or their efforts will have been defeated.

Theodore Roosevelt made an impassioned speech at the Sorbonne, Paris on April 23, 1910, defining what it means to be a citizen of this Republic.

His remarks not only reflect the reality of being a citizen of this Republic, but perhaps that of a citizen of the eternal Kingdom.

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."
-Theodore Roosevelt, "Citizenship in a Republic" Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910.

The Apostle Paul said essentially the same thing differently when he wrote, "His strength is made perfect in our weakness."

The contest to protect marriage and defend it from those who seek to re-define it will require our best effort. And God's blessing.

Silence is not an option. Nor is fear or timidity. Or uncertainty as to what Scripture actually teaches on the matter.

Will you stand with us? Do you stand for marriage? The family? Biblical Truth?

I ask for your financial support today to assist us in educating the public regarding natural marriage and its place in our culture. We must have your support. Thank you for doing what you can do today.

I am also asking you to be ready to contact specific legislators with specific messages as Murray's bill to re-define marriage is introduced.

I will also be asking thousands of you to attend the hearings on the bill.

Welcome to 2012. A year of unparalleled opportunity to advance Judeo-Christian family values in our culture. And to be a light in the darkness of our culture.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.