Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Coronavirus--It's Second Life

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As the coronavirus, often referred to as the "Wuhan virus," continues to kill people globally, the virus has found a new life.

Political correctness and propaganda machines have seized the germ, distracting from the real second life of the virus---disrupting the United States pharmaceutical supply chain.

Be informed.

The insanity of current culture.

Although far-Left news outlets like CNN and others have been describing the coronavirus as "Wuhan" for weeks, NBC has now decided that it's "racist " to use the term, "Wuhan virus."

Even though Asian media has been referring to it as the "Wuhan virus" from the beginning, US media is now following NBC, demanding their reporters never call it "Wuhan."

Ironically, this reveals the ignorance behind the great race away from being a "racist", more than it elevates the media's evolved social state.

The virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China. Ebola was named after a river close to where the outbreak took place in Africa. Lyme disease was named after a Connecticut town that experienced an outbreak in 1975. The Zika virus was named after a forest in Uganda in 1947. The Marburg virus was first discovered in Marburg, Germany. The West Nile virus is what causes West Nile fever...and Legionnaires' disease is named that because the first notable outbreak killed a bunch of people at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia in 1776.

But now, American media has evolved to where nothing can be what it really is.

The "Wuhan virus" has also become a propaganda tool. No examples needed on how the Democrats are trying to somehow make it, "Trumpvirus."

The Iranian regime has taken the next step in propagandizing the "Wuhan virus," and according to the Jerusalem Post, it is defining it as "a disease created by the Zionists who want to start a war with Iran."

Actually, they are trying to distract their people and the world from the way the regime unsuccessfully tried to hide the fact that they had the virus---much like China did initially.

The virus has shined the light on how dysfunctional globalism really is.

The real second life of the "Wuhan virus": Disruption of our pharmaceutical supplies.

In 2017, the newly formed Trump administration was asking how the US had become so dependent on China for our drugs----The US pharmaceutical industry began responding.

In 2018, The Alliance for American Manufacturing published this article: "China is Quietly Becoming the World's Pharmacy---And There Are Big Risks."

The article notes that there is growing concern that pharmaceuticals from China are not safe, the FDA was, at that time, missing contaminates in China's drugs which were showing up in health risks for Americans, and the growing dependence America has on Chinese drug making.

They quoted experts who were saying that about "80% of active ingredients in America's pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs---the stuff that makes your medicine work---come from China and India."

"Many of the drugs that Americans depend on," they said, "including birth control pills, antibiotics like penicillin, vitamin C and even cancer drugs, are made in China with little regulation."

The experts in the article concluded that "outsourcing of America's medicine making is so complex it seems impossible to ensure that they are safe."

Others in the medical field were expressing similar concerns.

Fast forward.

On February 14, 2020, just as the global public was becoming aware of the Wuhan virus issue, Marsha Blackburn, a Republican Senator from Tennessee who serves on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee, wrote an article titled, "The Coronavirus outbreak exposes the US's Pharma supply chain vulnerability."

I strongly recommend you read it.

Blackburn, who is also a committed Christian, notes that we have become complacent about public health emergencies like the coronavirus outbreak, because it has been 50 years since the last federal quarantine was issued to control a deadly smallpox outbreak.

She notes that last October 2019, Dr. Janet Woodcock, the director of the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, testified before Congress that the United States "has become a world leader in drug discovery and development, but, is no longer in the forefront of drug manufacturing."

She said that at least "72% of API manufacturing takes place outside the US and that the number of APIs in China has more than doubled since 2010."

She strongly urges our Congress and federal agencies to start now to take the necessary steps to bring this industry home to the US.

Blackburn says,
"The status quo has made us vulnerable. The fix, however, is sitting right in front of us. If we fail to act, we place our collective future in the hands of companies that operate entirely in the shadows."
"It could be years before our the next drug shortage or public health crises puts Americans' health and safety at risk---but would you bet your life on that?"

Now we're being told that it is entirely possible that the virus' impact, particularly on China, may, in fact, disrupt America's supply of much-needed drugs---particularly for the elderly.

Borders, not globalism.

I have personally appreciated the emphasis President Trump has put on, well...Making America Great focusing on our own nation---securing the borders, creating opportunities, improving national security, etc.

Jesus told His followers to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He also taught that we are to help the least among us. However, the Bible does not teach open borders and globalism---which is the path to a one-world government, economy, and religion.

It's also the path to a world dictator. The book of Revelation clearly describes that process.

I don't know whether the President is aware that he is practicing biblical principles or not. Vice President Pence would certainly be aware of the biblical teaching on national sovereignty---borders, culture, etc.

Seminary professor Wayne Grudem has taught biblical ethics for 41 years. He has written an excellent article on border walls, national security, sovereignty of nations, immigration, the "stranger", etc.

I encourage you to read it.

Consider this:

If you say you're for open borders, you're not. Not completely.

Do you have locks on your doors? How about your car? Got a fence so your kids can play safely? Do you have passwords on your computers? How about your bank accounts? Do you protect your credit card numbers? Your Social Security number? How about your medical records?

Do you think curbs, guardrails, and traffic lanes are a good idea, or should people be able to drive anywhere and any way they want? How about security borders at the airport—necessary or optional?

The truth is, everyone believes in secure borders. In fact, life would be impossible without them. As long as human nature is what it is—bent toward evil—borders will be necessary.

And dependence on other nations has always led to bondage.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Faithful. Be Prayerful.