Tuesday, December 08, 2020

China Counting On Biden

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Pointing to Joe Biden's silence on China's continuing excoriation of long term American allies like Australia, the Chinese Communist Party oracle---the Global Times---is assuring the Chinese people that that "there is no legitimate reason for Biden to back up Australia's condemnation against China."

The piece assures China that Biden will be able to apply pressure on Australia to tone down its opposition against China's expansion into the Indo-Pacific region of the world.

I believe this is actually a message to Biden, not the Chinese people, letting him know he better walk the line when he becomes president...or else.

Perilous times.

Be informed, not misled.

Expectations or demands?

The Chinese Communist Global Times article says Biden will be able to apply pressure on Australia to tone down its opposition to Beijing's rapid expansion into the Indo-Pacific region of the world.

It goes on to outline the future of  US-China relations under a Joe Biden administration will be marked by "the normal track of ties to China, marked by non-confrontation."

The Global Times says, "Unlike Trump's team with Pompeo, the Biden administration will not expect Australia to treat China in a radical manner with brinksmanship actions that undercut the economy of everyday Aussies."

"Biden will surely hope US's allies, including Australia, to keep pace with the US in general and coordinate closely with US strategies," the Communist mouthpiece says.

The Times also says "If Biden adjusts US-China policy, this will force Canberra [Australia's government] to reflect and change its previous calculations with Beijing."

The conflict in the Indo-Pacific and South China Sea region.

China had been aggressively expanding on every front until President Trump applied the brakes on their aggressive behavior.

In particular, China has been occupying and even creating islands in the South China Sea and building military bases on them---in open waters that do not belong to China.

While the world has been preoccupied with fighting the COVID-19 virus, China continues to fortify islands in the South China Sea, with only a muted response from the international community.

China now has runways and dozens of hangers for fighter aircraft on a number of islands scattered around the South China Sea. The islands also provide ports for ships for military ships. 

The US and Australia have pushed back hard, while the rest of the world has watched. 

US leadership on the issue has resulted in an alliance being created between Australia and Japan out of mutual concerns about China's behavior.

This is what the Communist Chinese Party newspaper is talking about. But it's not meant for the Chinese people. The Communist Party couldn't care less about "the people."

This is a message to Biden, should he become President of the United States.

It's also a message to Australia to drop their push to get to the bottom of China's bungled handling of the Wuhan virus from the beginning. Communists have no tolerance for questions.

Why Biden will obey.

The Global Times has recently published articles that were all directed at Joe Biden, should he be elected.

China sees an end to Australia's questioning and economic blocking of China's expansion---especially their 5G internet systems in the country.

It foresees a time when "tensions with China will be welcome to serve US interests," with Biden as president.

Obey Beijing, do not challenge China's assumed economic superiority, and open your domestic markets without restraint.

These key instructions from China to Biden have been published in the Global Times over the last couple of months.

Biden, or at least some of his people, have gotten the message. Certainly, his family gets the message.

Here's why Biden will do what China tells him to do.

In 2013, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Tens days later, Hunter Biden's firm inked a $1,500,000,000,00 deal with a subsidiary of the Communist Chinese Government's Bank of China.

When Hunter Biden's former business partner Tony Bobulinsky began to question what the Biden family was doing, he asked, "How are you guys getting away with this?"

The answer was basically, "Because we can." 

Bobulinsky left the Biden family business when he discovered they were merely peddling the influence of the then Vice President of the United States--Joe Biden.

Bobulinski sat down for an interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson. The Fox article that followed was more about Fox than about Bobulinsky or Carlson. More than 7.6 million people watched the interview---a record for cable news.

Fox, of course, celebrated themselves.

Tucker Carlson, as usual, did a great job with the interview---he let Bobulinsky talk. Clearly, he's creditable, transparent, and very forthcoming, yet the mainstream media refused to even mention his name much less investigate his story.

Like the Biden family says, "Because we can."


Personally, I'm convinced that there was an abundance of corruption and fraud in the presidential election. Enough to overturn the vote in several states.

Will that happen?  I pray it does, but President Trump is running out of time. We'll see. The evidence is there.

I'll be talking about any current news regarding the election today on our daily radio program

Speaking of running out of time.

Bible prophecy clearly reveals that in the last days, prior to the rapture of the church, powerful kings  will race onto the world stage with two objectives:

  1. To conquer the world and reign as dictators.
  2. To conquer Israel and destroy the Jewish people.

It appears that the Gog/Magog War mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 may be taking shape. That war is a series of wars that will engulf the world in what many will call the Third World War. The Bible calls it Armageddon. You don't need to be a geopolitical expert to know that our world is disintegrating culturally.

The King of the East spoken of in Scripture---"east" literally means "the sun rising," lets us know that verse is describing China. China neither fears nor respects the United States anymore, if ever. 

This king will lead a massive army numbering over 200 million soldiers.

Only if we look at the events in our world through the lens of God's Word, and God's plan, does it make sense.

God is in control. He is the Creator of all things. He is the beginning and the end.

And He is faithful to those who serve and follow Him.

Be Bold. Be Faithful. Be Unafraid. Be Informed. Be Prayerful.