Friday, August 31, 2012

A Hurricane Of Hate

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GOP Convention: A couple of thoughts from last night. Marco Rubio is a dynamic young man. We all know we will see more of him. I thought Clint Eastwood's best line was, "We Own This Country."

Two best Romney comments, in my opinion: "As president, I will protect the sanctity of life. I will honor the institution of marriage. I will guarantee America's first liberty: the freedom of religion."


"President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. MY to help you and your family."

As Hurricane Isaac bore down on the gulf coast this past week, bringing destruction and loss to those in its path, I couldn't help but notice a hurricane of a different kind attempting to bring destruction not only to the GOP Convention, but to the country as well.

It was a hurricane of hate.

And it was driven by none other than the secular left progressives. That's right, the guys who are the "champions" of love, tolerance, inclusion and open-mindedness. And apparently, also of deceit.

The hurricane force spasms of hate directed, not only at a political party, but toward anyone who holds traditional, biblical values, were well above the category 1 of Isaac.

This cultural storm of hate toward virtue and faith and goodness is of far greater concern and consequence than any political my opinion.

Here are some of the hateful storm surge remarks that were thrown at the public during this past week.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"We Can Do This"

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I was impressed by what I heard at the Republican Convention last night.

Paul Ryan made the point, "We can do this," and I believe he connected with a disenfranchised public.

But of all the things he said, I was struck by his characterization of the effect of the Obama administration on today's youth.

Representing a new generation of Republican leaders, Ryan spoke directly to younger Americans struggling to get a job. He said, “College graduates should not have to live out their 20's in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Conservative and Faith Leaders: "Best GOP Platform Yet"

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Phylis Schlafly, Mike Huckabee, Tony Perkins and others are very pleased with the final form of the 2012 Republican Party platform. Schlafly says it "may be the best one ever adopted."

Frankly, I was concerned when the Party decided, for the first time, along with calls from Jeb Bush and others to "expand the reach of the party" to include the homosexual organization, "Log Cabin Republicans" in the platform process.

The concern was that on the issue of marriage, the GOP may come out with a fuzzy, unclear message---or simply a departure from the support of traditional marriage or even the sanctity of life---like some local WA State Republicans who clearly stand against the platform of their own party.

It didn't happen.

And the Log Cabin guys are furious. R. Clarke Cooper, executive director, has expressed outrage toward the platform, promising the Republican position on marriage "will be a hollow short-lived victory."

Why is the platform the best yet?

The Party is addressing fiscal, social and sovereignty issues separately and together---recognizing that they are interconnected in our culture.

Ronald Reagan called this approach a "three legged stool" approach.

Here is a brief overview of the commitment the Republican Party is making to the American people, with quotes from the document.

After review, I personally have one compelling question.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Forward"---A Cruel Joke

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This week the national debt will likely reach $16 trillion. 

That is an increase of $5,349,641,980,231.60 since President Obama began moving the country "Forward."

In 2009, the IRS reported there were 81,890,189 tax returns filed. Using those numbers, the latest available, every federal taxpayer now owes $195,096.86.

After 100 days in office, President Obama told an audience at a high school in Missouri, "The work of remaking America is going well."

He whispered to the leaders of Russia to please give him a little more time. Wait until after the election.

He is now standing before his campaign slogan "Forward" asking for your vote promising to complete his work if re-elected.

"Forward" is more than a slogan---it is a hard core philosophy, which creates far left, so-called progressive policy. And those policies have consequences.

To the elitist secular progressive, anything they think is better, is forward---progressive.

Given proper attention, the economy can still recover from the recent near fatal blow of secular progressivism and its accomplice, socialism.

But can the promise of America be restored without proper attention to the moral issues of our time? I think not.

The moral decay is more destructive than the financial and economic chaos created by the far left. And they have just begun. More is on the way.

Here's what is happening in the next few weeks.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Biblical Christian and the Coming Vote

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The most important election of our lifetime is about 70 days from now. Many, due to mail-in ballots, will be voting much sooner than that.

With the very essence of what America is about hanging in the balance, just last month 46% of Americans told Rasmussen that they will be "voting for the lessor of two evils" in the presidential election.

The decisions we make in a few weeks will impact out country, our state, our communities and our families for decades to come.

Many are expressing concern and conflict to me through personal email and conversation.

Here are 5 things I believe every biblical Christian must consider.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Newspapers Withholding Info On "2016--Obama's America" Film

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The Christian Post is reporting that some newspapers are withholding information about exactly where and when the film "2016--Obama's America" is showing.

The film's marketing company reported that someone in the Orange County area of Southern California complained in an email that they "saw nothing on '2016' in the papers" despite the fact it was playing at a dozen locations.

According to the email, the Orange County Register's Sunday edition listed this correction: "Due to a wire service error, the film '2016 Obama's America' was omitted from this weekend's movie listings for 8 theatres (all over OC and Long Beach)."

Sure, that happens all the time.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

NOM Pres. and Dan Savage Have Dinner Together---With Cameras Rolling

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Following Dan Savage's assault on the Bible at a convention of 3000 high school students in Seattle earlier this year, Brian Brown, president of National Organization for Marriage, offered to debate him--- anywhere, anytime.

Brown and Savage recently sat down for dinner at Savage's home---with the cameras rolling.

KOMO 4 News carried the story and a link to the one-hour debate on their news last night. Those of you in the Puget Sound area may have seen it. I don't know if other TV news in Central, Eastern or Southwest Washington carried the story.

It is something that every one who stands in defense of marriage should see.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Obama: " You Can't Just Make Stuff Up"

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President Barack Obama told reporters at the White House on Monday that one of the things someone learns as president of the United States is that “you can't just make stuff up."

In rebutting assertions by Mitt Romney's presidential campaign that the Obama administration is waiving the work requirement rules for welfare recipients, Obama said, “The truth of the matter is you can't just make stuff up. That’s one thing you learn as president of the United States. You get called in to account."

The question then, should have been, at what point during your presidency did you learn you could no longer just make things up? And could you share that experience with us---perhaps even write a book about it?

The press didn't bother to follow up.

Also note: At the bottom of the link above is a story (Original Source-Associated Press) regarding the fact that Obama, under the name of Barry Soetoro, received financial aid from the Fullbright Foundation Scholarship Award as a foreign undergraduate student from Indonesia. This would have been prior to his learning he could no longer make things up without being accountable.

This and much more is becoming public as the Obama/Soetoro Occidental College transcripts become public.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Can McKenna, Dunn and Finkbeiner Win?

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It is often said that one should not make too much out of any primary election.

The recent Washington State primary may well be the exception. The result is so overwhelming that even Republican Party leaders are expressing concern regarding the general election in November. And the future.

The problem, they say, for statewide elections is King County. Statistically that may be true, but the root problem may be more important to the future than analyzing the magic 40% threshold needed for a Republican in King County.

Here's why.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Marriage: A House Divided

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Thank you for the many positive comments and messages I received last week while taking a break. And speaking of breaks, my fractured bones are healing quickly, like any 30-something-year-old body should do.

Your kind words mean a great deal to me personally and are profoundly lifting and inspiring. Your support allows us to continue to do what we do. Thank you.

However, there continues to be too many, in fact a growing number of good people who are privately advocating we not support the R-74 effort and its leadership, for a variety of reasons---some of which are true, but not reason to abandon marriage at this critical moment in time.

Remember, this is not a referendum on those who have wrested leadership away from some who were more qualified, more generally accepted and with more pure motives, it is a referendum on traditional, biblical marriage that has been the norm for every civilization in history.

It is tough to stand for marriage in today's culture.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Looking Ahead---The Next 90 Days

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Dave Ammons, spokesman for Secretary of State Sam Reed, says Washington now has 3.7 million registered voters. Likely that total will increase by November 6. Ammons says the Secretary hopes to see voter turnout this year equal the number in the 2008 general, which was 85%.

There are several issues that will motivate people to vote. Marriage, Marijuana, charter schools and some tax issues are a few of them. And of course the presidential election.

Kirby Wilbur, GOP State Chair, says there will be so much advertising on TV, print, radio, etc., "My biggest fear is people tune out because they hear too much."

Thursday, August 09, 2012

"Right To Pray" Amendment Passes Overwhelmingly, However...

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A measure known as Amendment 2, but commonly referred to as "The Right To Pray" amendment passed with overwhelming voter approval in Missouri Tuesday, strengthening the religious freedom of the citizens in that state.

However, nothing close to that was on the Washington State primary ballot. Rather, Christians and conservatives in Washington State will, this November, be trying to turn back the newly imposed law that redefines marriage and family and undermines religious freedom.

Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz declared Washington State a "Blue State" Tuesday night, noting that the most populous counties around Puget Sound are essentially the political voice of the state, with their numbers and money.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Growing Up With 2 Moms: The Untold Story

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"The children of same sex couples have a tough road ahead of them---I know, because I have been there."

Robert Oscar Lopez, writing for the Witherspoon Institutes's "Public Discourse" says, "Growing up with gay parents was very difficult, and not because of prejudice from neighbors." The neighbors, he says, didn't even know what was going on in our house.

Lopez gives an honest, open account of the negative, often damaging effects of growing up with same sex parents. He also talks openly about the force with which the homosexual community defines someone like himself as "gay," regardless of his orientations.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Seattle Times Turns Spotlight On Archbishop Sartain. But, Why?

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I've seen it before.

The Seattle Times has turned the spotlight on Seattle's Roman Catholic Archbishop, J. Peter Sartain.

Why? Well, they say, the archbishop "remains somewhat of a mystery to many in Western Washington."

A mystery?

The Times reports that the archbishop who arrived in Seattle in 2010 is a nice, warm, relational man who is humble and serves as an excellent mentor to other younger pastors. Well liked by many---but not all.

Friday, August 03, 2012

More "Take-Out" From Chick-fil-A

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The Chick-fil-A story has touched a cultural nerve across the country. It has, as they say in the news business, grown legs.

Most noticeably, the mask of warm, fuzzy, "we're in love, too" rhetoric which proceeds the homosexual drive to redefine marriage, family and the culture has slipped, displaying the steel hard face of "whatever it takes" to get marriage, has been exposed in ways that no one else could have accomplished.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

When Political Ambition Trumps Values

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Reagan Dunn wants to be Attorney General of Washington State. He wants your vote.

He, like Rob McKenna, knows he cannot get elected without a fairly strong vote from Christian conservatives.

So---he tells KGMI radio and their conservative audience in Bellingham last weekend he doesn't think the state should be suing the Stormans family, attempting to force them to violate their conscience and sell abortion pills in their own pharmacy.

He told the conservative audience he thought the Stormans were right and said, "I hope they win."

Enter NARAL's Jennifer Brown, calling Dunn's comments "incredibly disappointing."

But not to worry. Dunn says in a later interview he was "misunderstood" in Bellingham.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Washington State Primary Recommendations

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Links to candidate recommendations and a comparative voters guide.

The following are links that we feel may be of assistance to you in your primary vote. Generally Faith and Freedom PAC publishes a recommended candidate list. Due to Gary's recent injuries, we were unable to complete the list for this primary election. We will have a recommended candidate list for the general election.

"Chicago's Values": A Reflection Of How The Secular Left Really Feel

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Most freedom loving Americans were stunned when the mayors of Chicago, Philadelphia and other cities proclaimed they would not allow Chick-fil-A to do business in their cities because of the personal religious belief of the company's CEO.

No one but family is likely closer to President Obama than Rham Emanuel, mayor of Chicago. As you know, he is an inner circle guy with the President. Perhaps that is why his comments were particularly alarming.